Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Winter's Carol

Here is an utterly brilliant song by Tori Amos called "A Winter's Carol" from her incredible new album, Midwinter Graces. I am extremely proud of the kids for their quick work in making this video happen! Another feat performed by the new PS22 Chorus of 2010!

Here's an alternate version from the soundcheck at the IAVA Heroes Gala last night.

Thanks to Perez Hilton who tweeted about the kids' newest accomplishment!


Suz said...

another great job kids! it's amazing how fast you pick songs up!

inflammatory writ said...

Greg - amazing amazing job as usual. This one knocked it right out of the park.

ariellegodslioness said...

Mr. B, great time arranging as always -- also, Winter's Carol lends itself to a chorus so well. The kids like this one, I can tell :)
Can't wait to hear more from the Light Princess.

Angélique said...

Vos enfants sont vraiment superbes!!!
Viendront-ils chanter en France?

You kids are "Angelous"... Angelics... as you want!

WAOW!!!... the Tori cover WAOW WAOWA Awsomeeeeeeee!!!

To be continued...