Monday, February 26, 2007


The chorus has been getting world-wide attention over the internet, and my sources reveal that the PS22 Chorus videos posted on this site have scored over 150,000 views all together! We are very excited that our music and our students are getting the recognition they deserve!! Chorus, keep doing us proud! You've made such an impact on so many lives, including those of perfect strangers, and that speaks volumes about how special & important what you're doing really is.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The PS22 Chorus IMPROVS!

An improvisation is a song that you make up as you go along. Over the years, PS22 has seen some incredible soloists with a strong creative ability in addition to vocal talent. Improvising is a great way to release the creative juices and help children find their way within different key signatures and chord patterns.

Here are 2 improvs performed by PS22 Chorus superstar Justin! Enjoy!

We're calling this one, "And There's Nothing"

We're calling this one, "When The Angels Sing"

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

PS22 is Preparing a Talent Show for Charity

In response to the awesome suggestion by 3 fourth graders, P.S.22 is in the midst of auditioning for a talent show to help raise money for charity. Visit the blog for more information about the up-coming show.

Below is a video sample of some of the great talent that P.S.22 has to offer! In order of appearance: Mahmood, Mark, Shevron, Mariama, Jermel, Alex, Tyrell, Lynette, Eric, Chaylene, & Justin....