Monday, February 26, 2007


The chorus has been getting world-wide attention over the internet, and my sources reveal that the PS22 Chorus videos posted on this site have scored over 150,000 views all together! We are very excited that our music and our students are getting the recognition they deserve!! Chorus, keep doing us proud! You've made such an impact on so many lives, including those of perfect strangers, and that speaks volumes about how special & important what you're doing really is.


MeloMeals said...

I wonder if Tori knows of what you are doing? I'm sure she would be incredibly moved..

Also, will you be releasing a CD? I would buy some for myself and everyone I know.. you guys are just that awesome! Seriously, since I found you on Sunday night, I can't keep the music and the kids off my mind. There is something so special about what you have created.

Winter moves me for so many reasons.. they way the kids whisper, "I just want you to be proud of me".. and the line, "when will you love you as much as I do"... being sung to their parents.. as a parent, it hit home, because I love my kids so much.. and they love me, but I don't love myself the way I should.. and what all kids can benefit from is their parent loving themselves.

Mr. B said...

Thanks again for your awesome comments! As far as Tori knowing what I do, I got to tell her during the Q&A portion of the Tori Amos -- Evening with Ann Powers event in NYC. She seemed genuinely touched when i told her the kids sang "Twinkle" for their graduation. I have never heard from her as to what she thinks but people on certain Tori forums guaranteed me that they will be (or have been by now) heard. Hopefully one day I'll have the opportunity to get her feedback.

"Winter" by the way is maybe my all-time favorite PS22 Chorus Tori-cover (or at least tied with Purple People, Carbon, & David's version of "Not The Red Baron"). It brought the song back for me. (I have a tendency to overplay songs I'm in love with.) I'm glad our version touches you too! It's very validating to hear from way cool people like you! Thanks for all your inspiration, and stay with us!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. B. My name's Kate, and i'm from Poland :o) - forgive me my mistakes in english.
I love Tori Amos music - she will play and sing here in Poland in June, i'm very excited to see her and listen to her live.
And love Your choir - their talents, voices, moving interpreations and orginal songs. Love Your great job, music and pedagogical talent.
I want to ask You for a favor - could You, please, put on the choir page the "Betlehem" lyric? Or send it on my e-mail? (
The song sounds great, Mariah and Justin are fantasti
Thank You very much.. :o)
Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

hi mr.b i have to ask u a question its been buging me do u like pudding?

someone in

Mr. B said...

Indeed, chorus does rock.... Do I like pudding? Well who doesn't?!?!?! Thanks for the funniest question ever....


Helix said...

Quick comment. Amazing kids, amazing teacher (Mr. B), amazing Justin. I have watched and listened to most of this. It's nice to see a teacher bring out the best in children and find all these hidden talents. I am BLOWN away by it all. Well done, Mr. B.