Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Drum Roll Please.... The 2006-7 Chorus MP3s!!!

The "Dragon" Chorus Posse remix video!

Okay, I finally got around to uploading these, and just finished getting them ready for public consumption! Unfortunately we had some technical problems while recording so we lost a few songs. But the ones that survived came out great! So here they are, the PS22 Chorus 2006-7 recordings!

(Left click on the links to play)

PS22 Chorus -- Bouncing Off Clouds (by Tori Amos)


PS22 Chorus -- Change Is Gonna Come (by Sam Cooke)
Soloist: Justin

Justin meets American Idol finalist George Huff when he sings "Change..." at prestigious MLK ceremony in Albany.

PS22 Chorus -- Dragon (by Tori Amos)

Dragon mural behind Mr. B was done by his bro, Jamey!

PS22 Chorus -- Father's Son (by Tori Amos)
Soloist 1: Breana
Soloist 2: Leslie

Breana and Leslie -- The amazing soloists on "Father's Son!"

"Now how can I get the beast to nosh on Eric instead...."

PS22 Chorus -- The Happy Worker (from the 'Toys' soundtrack)

Marissa & Jessica! Two of 22's happiest workers!

PS22 Chorus -- I Haven't Seen This Day Before (by The Innocence Mission)
Soloist: Justin
Background Vocals: Breana, Ashley, Ziha, and Chaylene

**This was one of the songs that was unfortunately ruined during the recording. The full chorus did a beautiful live version of this song. I will look to see if I can find video footage of the chorus version. In the meantime, Justin & the "chorus coaches"' version should appease!**

PS22 Chorus -- I Will Survive (by Gloria Gaynor)
Soloist: Eric
or will he?

PS22 Chorus -- Keep On Going (by Justin Rolon & Mr. B)

Soloist 1: Dario
Soloist 2: Jordan

Dario & Jordan

PS22 Chorus -- La Primera Navidad (The First Noel)
Duet: Justin & Malik

**Unfortunately we never recorded this song at Christmas time but it's one of my favorites! Ziha did an absolutely beautiful job on the solo too. Here is another great version by Justin and Malik!**

PS22 Chorus -- Ode To My Clothes (by Tori Amos)
Soloist: Justin

**This was another one of the songs that unfortunately didn't come out on the recording. Chaylene sang the solo so beautifully too, so if you want to see her and the full chorus's version you can find the video in the December 2006 archives!**

PS22 Chorus -- When I Think Of You (by Justin Rolon, Ben Tucker, & Mr. B)
Duet: Chaylene & Eric

Supersweet Chaylene!

PS22 Chorus -- You Raise Me Up (by Josh Groban)
Soloist: Mariama

Mariama! Girl can saaaaaAAAAANG!

Justin -- I Wonder as I Wander (from 4th grade, 2005)

Justin -- amazing AND wacky! Multi-talented indeed!

And a special bonus

(in honor of Tori's birthday today)

**These are home-made remixes that I made with Tori's songs combined with the 22 versions. I think they both came out rather wonderfully, particularly Father's Son. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI, and thanks for the music and memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!**

Tori Amos with PS22 -- Dragon (The 22 Posse Remix)

Tori Amos with PS22 -- Father's Son (The 22 Posse Remix)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

See The PS22 Chorus video for 'Purple People'

This is one of my all-time favorite chorus covers. The song is "Purple People" by Tori Amos. Since I didn't have any video footage of the chorus performing this one (bad Mr. B, very bad!), I decided to make a video for it. Enjoy!