Sunday, December 24, 2006

See PS22 Perform on Channel 34 CTV at the Borough Hall Tree Lighting in Staten Island

If you're a Time Warner Cable customer in Staten Island, tune in to channel 34 today at 11:00 AM (12/24), at midnite tonight (12/25), and at 2:30 PM the day after Christmas (12/26), to see the PS22 Chorus sing 4 holiday selections at the Borough Hall Tree Lighting!

Friday, December 22, 2006

PS22's Seventh Annual Holiday Choral Concert A "GIGANTICAL" Success!

The fifth grade chorus starts off on just the right note with Tori Amos' song, "Happy Workers"! And then Eric & Josh jolly up the crowd in their own inimitable fashion!!

Dario leads the chorus and then the entire audience in a moving version of Silent Night! It was a special moment! And the audience even sung on key! How often does that happen?!

PS22 Chorus delivers on the Edwin R. Hawkins gospel classic, "Oh Happy Day"! This was a special request by our beloved "chorus earth mother" Mrs. Burns, and we're delighted that it lived up to your expectations!!

Former PS22 student Deon (featured on various previous posts) wrote this little crowd-pleaser, "Santa"! Nelson is a perfect fit for this jazzy comic tune, and has the audience in hysterics!

Breana & Lynette are hilarious as they introduce "Ode To My Clothes" by Tori Amos. Their comic timing was impeccable, and sets the stage for the silly, yet beautiful little song. Chaylene captures the essence of the song so perfectly, and the audience approves enthusiastically!!

The adorable twins, Jessica & Marissa, win over the audience with their AMAZING rendition of Justin & Mr. B's original song, "Nothing's Stopping Me"! Unfortunately, the twins will be leaving P.S.22 after the holiday vacation. We will miss them terribly, and certainly wish them all the best in their new home! Personally though, J&M, I think we have to think up a new and better plot to keep you here.... It looks like our conspiracy was not a success.... ;)

Justin & Mariah sing Bethlehem, Justin & Mr. B's original song that made a fan out of Marcia Gay Harden....

Then Justin scores MAJOR brownie points with the principal when he dedicates the encore, Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You", to her! Needless to say (if you've ever heard Justin sing), the crowd goes wild!!

And last, but not least, check out this highly amusing version of "The Dreidel Song", as performed by the AMAZING opening act, The PS22 4th Grade Chorus!! As they say, the future's so bright I gotta wear shades!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mr. B's Choir (& Bad Hair) Days from 1992....

Just for fun, I thought I'd post MY choir from my college days, while I was studying music in SUNY New Paltz. I was in the concert choir for 2 years, and this concert was in May of 1992. We were under the direction of Lee Pritchard, who was one of my favorite professors in college. The piano player is...... some guy...... but he was really, really good....... and stuff....

And if any of my students or former students make one crack about my hair.... I'm talking to YOU, Tyrell!

A 30 second song that took eons to get right! I think it's by Charles Ives and called "Mr. Reilly".

This is my favorite American folk song.... "Shenandoah". I've done this song with my own chorus years ago, and based my 2 part arrangement on this version, maybe by Aaron Copland. (I wish I could remember these things. See, boys and girls? Pay attention in music class!)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

PS22 Chorus parties at Academy Award-winner Marcia Gay Harden's house!!

Marcia Gay Harden greets the PS22 Chorus on her doorstep!

What can we say about the night of December 16th, 2006? Can it get any cooler than receiving an invite to perform at the home of an Academy Award-winning actress?! The answer is yes -- performing for a person who (incidentally!) meets the above criteria, yet someone who is down to earth, gracious, and one who simply radiates humanity. That is Marcia Gay Harden, a genuine human being! Marcia fell in love with the chorus when she saw the kids perform at the Rainbow Room last month, and followed through on an invitation for them to sing at her home for a very intimate private holiday party! The kids were treated as honored guests, and we were all very appreciative of Marcia, her husband, family, and friends for the utmost in hospitality!

The kids performed magnificently! They had Marcia and the rest of her guests alternately in tears and smiles! It was so sweet to see Marcia's kids and their little friends singing along with the chorus. Aside from performing inside her home, chorus members said that the highlights of the trip included caroling outside in the neighborhood with Marcia, and playing afterwards with her adorable kids! We thank Marcia Gay Harden sincerely for giving the kids (and their loyal entourage!!) a night they will never forget!

If you haven't seen the Rainbow Room performance where we first caught Marcia's eye and ear, check out:

And to hear what Marcia says to the chorus, and some inspiring words for them, check out:

Below are some pictures from the party. I will also begin to compile some video highlights of the event which I will post later....

(Click pics to enlarge)

Marcia introduces us to her guests!

The kids sing their hearts out for Marcia and her guests!

Marcia poses with the kids!

A'caroling we go!

Dario leads the chorus, and the neighborhood joins in on "Silent Night"!

Marcia says goodbye and wishes us all happily holidays! The baby Marcia was holding wasn't happy to see that the chorus was leaving.... (TOO cute)

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Chorus Gives Back To The Community!

Today the chorus visited the Sunrise home for the elderly in Brooklyn, and brightened the day of the many appreciative seniors in attendance! We were very proud of them for their good deed and job well-done! Below are some highlights in pictures and video from the very special day we spent at Sunrise (not the least of which was seeing Mr. B's nana!).....

Mariama and the chorus rock out "This Christmas" by Donnie Hathaway! Hard to believe we just put this song together last week!!

Dario and the chorus sing "Silent Night" as the seniors sing along!

Mariama sings her heart out!

(From left) Doyin, Alex, Mr. B, Ziha, Mr. B's nana Bertie, Mr. B's brother Jamey, & Shanece

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Seven Classic PS22 Chorus Selections from 2005!

Here is a song that the soloist Ben (and his also-incredibly talented brother Eric) taught me when they arrived from Liberia, and boy oh boy, wouldn't he make Kirk Franklin proud?! It's called "Now Behold The Lamb."

The chorus sings Tori Amos' "Not The Red Baron", inspired by DAVID's legendary solo performance of the song.

The chorus, featuring TAO, sings Faithless' "Baseball Cap"! A student favorite for obvious reasons!!

The chorus, featuring the incredible P.S.22 alumnus DEON,
sings the "Degrassi Next Generation" theme song.

The chorus sings a medley of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" and New Kids On The Block member Joe McIntyre's "Stay The Same"! Another classic!

The chorus featuring FAITH singing "Ooh Child", one of my favorite songs of all time!

FABIAN leads the chorus in this preview of our graduation song, aptly titled "Graduation Song (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

PS22 Chorus member JUSTIN sings a solo version of "Ode To My Clothes" by Tori Amos

"Ode To My Clothes" will be sung by the entire chorus at their upcoming winter concert, but here's a sneak preview of the song performed by soloist Justin. He is singing both the melody & the harmony, and does an absolutely brilliant job. Click on the link below to hear.

PS22 Chorus feat. Justin -- Ode To My Clothes (by Tori Amos)

Thanks a trillion to Raspy at Afterglow for hosting this & more!! XO2

Saturday, November 04, 2006

PS22 Chorus gets a visit from Latin Grammy nominee, LENA!

On November 1, 2006, the PS22 Chorus received a visit from the Cuban super-star, Lena! Lena was nominated for Best New Artist, and her beautiful song (duet with Latin music sensation, Alejandro Sanz), "Tu Corazon", was also nominated for the Song of the Year at this year's Latin Grammies. She sang a solo version of her Latin Chart-topping mega-hit for us and we were all, needless to say, blown away!! Then she listened to the chorus, and Mariah & Justin sing a solo piano version of Justin & Mr. B's original song, "Bethlehem". She was extremely moved by the passion the kids put into their singing and, of course, by their extreme talent! See for yourself...

An autographed copy of her self-titled debut CD!

Lena with some aspiring song-writers of the PS22 Chorus

Lena surrounded by a whole bunch of altos!

Lena surrounded by a whole bunch of sopranos!

Lena with Mr. B

PS22 Chorus article on hugely popular Tori Amos site, Undented!

These Kids, They Twinkle
by Beth Winegarner
Undented managing editor

Mr. B tuning guitar

[Staten Island], N.Y. — Fifth-graders at New York’s PS22.... have found their voices—and even a touch of stardom—by singing some of Tori Amos’ best-known songs.

Tori [Amos fan] Gregg Breinberg started teaching at PS22 in 2000, where he spends three days a week giving the school’s older students lessons in the rudiments of music, including ear training, instruments and music notation. The other two days, he focuses his energy on the fifth-grade chorus, adapting Tori’s music—and other classic, gospel and pop songs—for the voices of 60 kids, leading them in performances for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, CNN anchor Paula Zahn and many others.

Breinberg earned his bachelor’s degree in music theory and composition from SUNY New Paltz, but couldn’t find his niche among the students there, most of whom were focused on classical or jazz styles. It was only when he recalled his love of teaching music at summer camps that he returned to college, earned his master’s degree in education in Wagner College in Staten Island and started to teach at PS22.

The results — for Breinberg and for his students — have been transformative.

“[The] music brings out something in kids who felt like they just didn’t belong and had nothing to offer,” Breinberg said.

Breinberg has adapted a variety of songs for his students’ voices—everything from Destiny’s Child and Gregorian Chants. But it’s their versions of Tori’s songs such as “Carbon,” “Twinkle” and “Purple People” that have earned the chorus major kudos from Tori fans—and even a mention in author Neil Gaiman’s blog.

Mr. B and friends with Tori

Once in a while, a student blossoms after performing Tori’s songs with the PS22 chorus. David and Deon, the boys who soloed on “Not the Red Baron” and “Flying Dutchman,” respectively, barely spoke to anyone when they first came to PS22, but rocketed into popularity and confidence after their classmates heard them sing.

Parents, too, love what happens as Breinberg helps children discover their voices.

“It’s so wonderful to see a parent overwhelmed by a talent they didn’t even know their child had,” he said. “Many of my best soloists didn’t even know that they could sing.”

Breinberg arranges one to two of Tori’s songs each year. By now, the PS22 chorus has performed an album’s worth of her songs, including “Twinkle,” “Winter,” “Wednesday,” “Hello, Mr. Zebra,” “Humpty Dumpty,” “Purple People,” “Carbon,” “Not the Red Baron,” “Flying Dutchman” and “Cornflake Girl,” as well as Tori-esque versions of songs such as Tom Waits’ “Time,” Chas & Dave’s “That’s What I Like, Mick,” The Doors’ “People Are Strange,” and classics like “Common People,” “Sentimental Journey” and “God Bless the Child.”

Although most of the students are not familiar with Tori as a professional pop singer, they adore her music, Breinberg said. When they performed for DJ Judy Torres, they enthusiastically asked to sing “Carbon” for Torres. Tori’s version of “That’s What I Like, Mick” is also an enduring favorite. “It’s a fun kinda song [and] I liked the topic—all the things you want!” said one student, Mariah.

“I thought [‘Purple People’ and ‘That’s What I Like, Mick’] were really inspiring,” said another student, Justin, in a letter to Tori. “I also like that song ‘Flying Dutchman’ because it matches the way I sing. I hope to become a great singer like you.”

Chorus with Paula Zahn

In the 2005-06 school year, Justin performed with the chorus although he was only in fourth grade. This year, he’s back and has been invited to perform at the nationally televised Martin Luther King memorial observance in Albany, NY in January 2007. The whole chorus will sing Oct. 30, 2006 at the YMCA of Greater New York’s Arts & Letters Auction and Reception. Their version of “Carbon” was used in a YMCA promotional CD, and their cover of “Time” was used in the soundtrack for a Sept. 11-themed movie co-written by Breinberg and Leslie Johnson.

Many of the tracks have been heard on the Internet, and videos of the PS22 chorus singing “Twinkle” and “Carbon” have surfaced on YouTube. Breinberg is hoping that one day Tori will hear their voices for herself, but in the meantime, he’s just happy to get these kids singing.

“They are my heroes, knowing the obstacles so many of them have to overcome, yet they get up and come into school smiling and sharing their positive energy,” Breinberg said. “They are little miracle people.”

Friday, November 03, 2006

Some bonus Rainbow Room photo/video footage!

Justin & Mariah with Marcia Gay Harden, their new biggest fan!

During the soundcheck, Academy Award-winner Marcia Gay Harden teaches Justin (and the chorus) the most important lesson in show biz! And his reaction is priceless when he finds out who is giving him the advice!! When she talks to the kids, you can see for yourself just what an amazingly kind and gentle soul she is.

UPDATE: After this amazing night, Marcia Gay Harden was so taken with the chorus, that she invited the kids to sing at her home for Christmas! Check out the pics here!

Some great photos from the Rainbow Room with Academy Award-winner Marcia Gay Harden....

photos by Stew Ransom (c), Ana Balcarcel, & Leslie Johnson

Marcia Gay Harden with some of the PS22 Sopranos!

The PS22 "Happy Workers" hard at work, but making it look easy!

Justin and Mariah blow the Rainbow Room audience away with their duet on Justin & Mr. B's original song, "Bethelehem"....

A well-deserved standing ovation for the PS22 Chorus!

Nelson is looking rather chipper after a job well done!

Mrs. Burns, Marcia Gay Harden, & Mr. B were all smiles, in awe of the kids' dazzling performance!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I updated the quality of the videos on the previous post -- the sound is much better! Check it out!

PS22 Chorus will be performing at the Rainbow Room on October 30th!

Here's a sneak preview of a performance we are VERY excited about. The kids will be performing for such talents as Academy Award-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden & the cast of the Tony Award-winning musical, "The Jersey Boys". For more info about the event go to:

YMCA of Greater New York

This was recorded today at rehearsal....

"Happy Workers" (performed originally by Tori Amos)


An excerpt of an original song by Justin Rolon & Mr. B. Justin wrote the lyrics and melody to the part he is singing on and, of course, continues to astonish all ears.... And the chorus & Mariah (who performs here with such feeling & confidence) sing the parts that I wrote so much more beautifully than I ever could!! Wait 'til you hear the full version!! This may end up being another all-time favorite. (Though I think I've probably said that a lot throughout my career....)


Saturday, October 21, 2006

More Highlights From the PS22 Chorus of 2005/6 (and more Tori...)

As this year's chorus is hard at work for their upcoming holiday performance, we present this highlight from last year's, "That's What I Like, Mick" performed by Tori Amos (and originally by Chas & Dave}. This one's a lot of fun! And Brittany does a wonderful job on the solo!

Justin was in 4th grade when he sang this beautiful Christmas song, "I Wonder As I Wander" at last year's holiday show. We are all in great anticipation of his performance at the Martin Luther King Observance (read previous post!)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Saturday, October 07, 2006

PS22 Chorus sings "God Bless The USA (Proud To Be An American)" for N.Y.C. Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Soon after the September 11th tragedy, the PS22 Chorus sang for Mayor Bloomberg at City Hall. This medley of "God Bless The USA" and "America The Beautiful" was a huge audience-pleaser (and Mr. B's dad's all-time favorite!)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

PS22 Chorus Members sing at Radio City Music Hall for Academy Award Winner Matthew Modine!!!

After being bowled over by the sounds and harmonies of the PS22 Chorus, Academy Award winner Matthew Modine had this to say:

They sang "Simple Song Of Freedom" recorded by the incredible Voices Of East Harlem, and by its songwriter Bobby Darren:

UPDATE: Here is a newly posted version of "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley from the same performance.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Get ready for an early "Winter" by Tori Amos

One of the classics! Still love this one from the holiday concert of 2002. Really good job chorus of 2002-3!

PS22 Chorus sings Sloop John B

PS22's principal and chorus groupie, Mrs. Costantino (pictured above with our chorus)loves the Beach Boys so we dedicated this song to her! Dig the reggae twist!

PS22 Chorus sings Massive Attack & Hooverphonic

Here are two more goodies from 2003. First, I wrote this little tune called "Pull Some Time," and then realized it worked perfectly on top of Massive Attack's "Eurochild".

Next is a beautiful song by Hooverphonic called, "The Kiss." That's Alexandra doing the lovely soloing.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Because of his incredible performance of "Lift Every Voice & Sing" at the Sandy Ground dramatic musical (posted previously), the P.S.22 Chorus' very own Justin has been selected to perform at the Martin Luther King Memorial Observance Ceremony ( on Monday, January 15th, 2007!!!

One of the Sandy Ground descendants took notice of Justin's prodigious talent, and recommended him for this huge honor! And a HUGE honor it is, as this observance is the most highly-regarded & prestigious M.L.K. Jr. honarary event in the entire nation. It will be broadcast live in 5 states, and is known to attract over 40 million viewers! Justin, we are so thrilled for and incredibly proud of you! No one is more qualified than you to represent the heart and soul of P.S.22 at this important tribute to a real American hero.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Highlights from PS22's 2006 production of Sandy Ground: Flowers Of The Sand

"Sandy Ground: Flowers of the Sand", is the true story of the trials, tribulations, & accomplishments of a local Staten Island community that left a legacy of humble greatness. PS22 wrote, produced, and performed this show after visiting the Sandy Ground museum, in Staten Island. Sandy Ground was the first free African-American community started by ancestors of many who still live in the area. We thank all of the many Sandy Grounders who attended the performances, including Lois Mosley (author of "Sandy Ground Memories") and her sons Greg and Gerald, Julie Moody Lewis (Sandy Ground Historical Society president), and Sylvia D'Alessandro (Sandy Ground Museum curator and executive director). Your presence there gave us added pride and inspiration. To learn more about Sandy Ground and why it is an officially documented United States historical landmark, check out:

Justin's JAW-DROPPING performance of "Lift Every Voice And Sing", the African-American anthem.

Strawberry Fields....

Van Diemen's Land by U2 (changed to "Sandy Ground" for the show)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

PS22's Oscar Mayer Wiener Commercial! HILARIOUS!!!!

One of the funniest PS22 Chorus videos of all-time! Starring in order of appearance: Noshavyah, Taylor, Julissa, Warren, Shamari, Chris, Olubade & Farouk, David, Sandra, & the kid with the biggest smile ever.... Russell!!!!

Highlights From PS22's 2003 American Idol Competition

Our first American Idol competition in 2003 was one of our most beloved productions, and gave rise to some legendary PS22 vocal performances and otherwise! See them here!

David (the amazing singer of Tori Amos' Not The Red Baron posted previously) hosted PS22's American Idol competition. A funny, entertaining, multi-talented kid! Check out his antics here as we introduce the show!

Chris won in his category with this amazing rendition of the Wayne Wonder hit, "No Letting Go"! And singing to mommy? Brilliant!! One of the winning performances:

It was quite a shocker when the votes revealed a tie between Chris & Farouk, and the audience couldn't have been more thrilled to see these two share the title of American Idol! So here is the other winner of the 5th grade chorus member category, Farouk, singing Lil' Corey's & Lil' Romeo's hit, "Hush Lil' Lady"!

And here is little Zaria in kindergarten when she stole the show with her amazing performance of the spiritual, "Do Lord". No surprise that Zaria is currently a star member of this year's PS22 Chorus!

Check out these highlights of our elementary school's extremely entertaining American Idol auditions....

Noshavyah's Unforgettable Audition -- singing Deniece Williams "Silly"

Kevin's memorable call-back round performance of Sean Paul's "Like Glue"

For highlights of our 2005 American Idol 2 competition, click here.

Friday, September 22, 2006

PS22 Chorus featuring David sings Tori Amos' Not The Red Baron

In 2003, David blew us away with his rendition of Tori Amos' Not The Red Baron.....
This is one of our favorite solo performances of all time!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Excerpts from "The Conference", PS22's award-winning September 11th Movie

In the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11th 2001, the teachers at P.S.22 felt the responsibility to provide our students with an opportunity to take the day back from the terrorists. We decided to make a movie. The Conference looks at the events of 9/11 from a child’s perspective. The title is a reference to the historic Conference House in Staten Island, which has its own special September 11th connection. There the protagonist learns about other significant events that occurred on that date throughout history, and helps him put the tragic events of 2001 into a broader perspective. The real emotional punch of the film is in the interspersed documentary footage of actual conversations with P.S.22 students, in which they address all sorts of relevant issues. What’s it like to have a 9/11 birthday? What can we do about racism against Muslims? What’s it like for a kid whose name is Ossama? Did anything positive come out of the attacks? Is there healing after so great a tragedy? These are just some of the many issues we chose to tackle in our feature length presentation of The Conference. The students involved in the project truly represent the voice of hope, which makes for a viewing experience that is nothing short of cathartic.

The beginning & the premise.... "What's it like to have a 9/11 birthday in the aftermath of the tragedy?"

Ossama talks about how tough it was to come to a new school, just a few days before the September 11th tragedy occurred. Then the chorus sings an original song of mine called, "Sometimes I," to help him feel better.

Ossama learns he is a hero, in his own quiet way.

This segment shows the protagonist Steven, whose birthday is on Sept. 11th, learning that some wonderful things happened on his birthday too. This is one of the lightest(and funniest!!) scenes from the movie. In a Scrooge-like fashion, the spirit of Yesterday takes Steven back to the year that world famous soprano Jenny Lind came to New York to give her first American appearance....on Sept. 11th. In the scene she is rehearsing with her music coach, who is having trouble with his pupil AND his moustache (unintentional humor is always the funniest!!).....

Documentary footage. "What can we do to make the city & the world a better place?"

A documentary segment -- how & when the kids first found out about the attack....

A song from the film called "Comet Chameleon" (based on the Culture Club song "Karma Chameleon"), which was used for a scene that re-enacts a Halley's Comet appearance that occurred on September 11.

This scene is the end of the documentary portion of the film, in which the kids with Sept. 11 b-days make their birthday wishes for the upcoming year. They give us hope for a happy ending....

We used Bob Dylan's "Blowing In The Wind" as a closer.....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PS22's Martian Musical "True Colors -- My First Trip To Mars"

Back in 2004, when talk of water on Mars and the Rovers were all over the news, the kids put on a Martian musical production entitled "True Colors -- My First Trip To Mars". It was co-directed by our FANTASTIC conflict resolution teacher, Mrs. Verano! It's about a group of astronauts who crash land on Mars. On their quest for water and supplies to help in their return home, they encounter the purple people, green people, the orange people, and the Blue Gray and the Gray Blue Girls (a real Crayola nightmare...) One scene with the Blue-Gray Girls used Tori Amos' song "Cornflake Girl", which of course became, "Never was a Blue-Gray Girl..." The earthlings must teach them to overcome their prejudice and become reunited as one Martian race in order to return home AND save Mars from total destruction! Below are some highlights!

"Purple People Eater" from Martian Michael and the PS22 Chorus!

The Green People (Lacoy & Shiva) encounter the earthlings... HILARIOUS!!

Ben sings the spiritual, "Step By Step"

A rewritten "Cornflake Girl" by Tori Amos

"River Man" by Nick Drake

We leave you with a pic of Clive as The River Man!

PS22 sings Tori Amos' Twinkle

Monday, September 18, 2006

Dance music sensation/WKTU DJ Judy Torres sings with the PS22 Chorus!!!

After the stunning reception that 2001's graduating class singing Tori Amos' "Twinkle" received on YouTube (notice almost 3000 visits to the video!!!) we felt compelled to share this!! In 2003, singer/DJ Judy Torres visited our school to listen to, talk to, sing to, and sing with our fifth grade chorus. Judy, if you see this, thanks for an unforgettable day!!! Please come back anytime!

Here is the chorus singing for Judy a great version of Tori Amos' Carbon! Judy has some very lovely things to say about the chorus after the song ends. Check it out!!

Here the kids accompany Judy Torres on a ballad version of her classic dance hit, "There's No Reason For You To Cry"! This is just phenomenal! And boy, does that Judy have pipes!!! The best is to see the kids' reactions to her power-house moments!!!

And here is the autographed pic she gave to us! In addition to this, she signed personalized messages on individual pics for ALL of the kids in the chorus! What a class act!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tori Amos & Mr. B

Mr. B with Tori Amos (and his good friend Chris with his ex), whom all the kids in the chorus know is his favorite singer/pianist/composer (as every other song he teaches them is Tori or Tori-inspired cover songs). I had the good fortune of meeting Tori at a radio interview promotion for Boys For Pele, and at the filming of her MTV Unplugged episode. I also had the opportunity to talk to her and share with her just how much the kids adored her music at The New York Timestalk with Anne Powers during the Q&A segment of the interview. In response to my giving her a video of my kids' singing Twinkle, she sang her daughter Tash's lullaby for me (I guess an audience was there too.... ) We'll be hearing a lot of her music here as performed by the chorus. Tori, if you ever stumble upon this site, we hope one day you'll come over and play with us................Fantasy alert! :)

Deon sings Flying Dutchman by Tori Amos

Deon sings Flying Dutchman by Tori Amos

I taught Deon this, one of my all time favorite Tori Amos songs, the very last day of school! I think he does a brilliant job handling the song's tricky melody, considering he learned it the day we recorded it!

Freedom Circle Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 2005

The kids singing at at a Freedom Circle Ribbon Cutting ceremony with NYC's Mayor Bloomberg in attendance.