Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jarrod Gorbel & PS22 Chorus Do Better!

Here's the long awaited second collaboration between Jarrod Gorbel and the PS22 Chorus from when he visited the kids in May. The song is "I'll Do Better" from the new CD, Devil's Made A New Friend, and we post the video in honor of the day of the album's release.

And if you haven't seen it already, make sure you catch our other amazing "duet" with Jarrod, "10 Years Older" below!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

PS22 Chorus Kicks Off The September Concert!

Before the end of the school year, the PS22 Chorus of 2010 got together to record some songs for the September Concert, an organization endorsed by NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and put together by Haruko Smith in response to the devastating attacks on America on September 11th, 2001. According to its website, "Except for several public concerts our foundation produces ourselves, all concerts are produced by those who believe in the power of music to bring people together, to reaffirm our hope for peace, and to celebrate life and our universal humanity." We are proud of both our association and our contribution to this wonderful project. To see the PS22 September Concert video, click here.

Friday, August 27, 2010

PS22 Chorus Does the Cakewalk!

Just got word that on Thursday, September 9th, the FOOD Network will be airing the PS22 Chorus episode of ACE OF CAKES that we filmed in June! It was indeed a deliciously good time! The title of the episode says it all -- "MUSIC & MAYHEM!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little Secrets Bemix!

A while back we posted an mp3 of a remix we made of Passion Pit's "Little Secrets". Here is a little video we created to that very same remix (which you can download here), which we like to call the Mr. Bemix! ;) To accompany the music are pictures presented in a randomized slideshow from the kids' actual recording session with Passion Pit on January 16th 2009. ( For those not already in the know, the PS22 Chorus backed Passion Pit on three songs from their amazing full-length CD debut, Manners -- Little Secrets, The Reeling & Let Your Love Grow Tall.)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Adam Savage Busts PS22 Chorus!!

Thanks to the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters host Adam Savage for the awesome tweet (see above) about the PS22 Chorus!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Stock Pt. II

Here is our second installment of Summer Stock, a little gem collection acquired while sorting through the archives! Even more great vids will surface throughout the rest of the summer (including our second collaboration with Jarrod Gorbel), so stay tuned! But presented here:

1) A beautiful a cappella version of "Nightingale Song" by Toad The Wet Sprocket from April.

2) Another special a cappella rendition -- this time of "Believe" by Travis Garland from June featuring future PS22 Chorus of 2011 member, Azaria.

3) The previously unposted Happy Birthday Debacle from our most recent holiday performance! Thanks to Suz for filming!

4) And finally, here is a real treat -- "Survivor" by Destiny's Child from the original PS22 Chorus of 2001!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mrs. B Takes Me Out to the Ballgame!

As previously reported, on Wednesday, August 4th, the PS22 Chorus regrouped to perform the national anthem at A-Rod's 600th homerun game for the NY Yankees against the Toronto Blue Jays. In between rehearsal and performance, we decided to kill some time and have some fun with "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." Mrs. B even joins in on the shenanigans.....

Thursday, August 05, 2010

PS22 sings at A-Rod's 600th Homerun Game!

Yesterday the chorus performed the national anthem at the start of the historic NY Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays, and like A-Rod himself, PS22 knocked it out of the same park!!

When the kids first arrived to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, they immediately were escorted to the field to rehearse. After soundcheck, they were given a brief tour of Yankees Monument Park, which paid homage to some of the greatest in Yankee history.

The Yankees even agreed to allow the World Series Trophy to be brought out just for the chorus!

Before anybody knew it, it was game time, and the kids took the field to perform. The chorus rocked it, and Albert was nothing short of extraordinary on the solo! Their rendition was greeted with thunderous applause! Throughout the performance they were accompanied by 10 students from a high school for the deaf that signed the anthem. It was a very special presentation, and a perfect way to start off any historic occasion.... (And check out Jose Pena on the bottom right in the 2nd pic below!)

When the kids finished rocking the crowd, they set out to join them for the game. The Yankees provided a beautiful VIP suite, that was catered with all kinds of kid-friendly foods! And the box seats were fantastic for the chorus to be treated to a bird's eye view of A-Rod's record-making home run! Ms. Massimo & Ms. LiPuma even brought along face paint to add to the fun!

All things considered, it's safe to say the PS22 Chorus was in seventh Yankee heaven!

Big thanks to the Yankees and Greg King for this unforgettable day! Equally big thanks to Mrs. Johnson for the awesome video footage, and Victor Breinberg for capturing the day with incredible pics!! (That shot he took of A-Rod at the top of this post is CLASSIC! That was the record-breaking swing!!) Also thanks to Mrs. Panzella, Ms. Massimo, Ms. LiPuma, Ms. Kaufman, Ms. Sweeney, Ms. Sassano, and Mr. & Mrs. Scaglione for helping out and sharing in the fun! More pics below!





The all-new Spider-man And His Amazing Friends!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Superforest Interview

Check out this great interview from Superforest, the "Positivity Blog!" It was so good meeting and speaking with the writer, Jordan Kandall (pictured above), and thanks to him for taking the time to come to Staten Island to speak.

New Improv.....

Here is one of my favorite audio recordings, as it brings together two of the finest young talents PS22 has to offer, Clive & Justin! This was recorded back in October of 2006, and it's still astounding to me how these kids were able to reach into the music and create something both haunting and beautiful. And yeah, Mr. B's doing a little vocalizing too.....

Clive was in 8th grade and Justin was in 5th when we put this down. Proud to share this also as an audio file too. Find "In My Head" and more on the right sidebar!


Exciting news! The PS22 Chorus of 2010 will be regrouping for one final performance tomorrow, August 4th, at the NY Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays game at Yankee Stadium!! The game starts at 1:05 PM, and the kids will be singing the national anthem at the top. What a way to celebrate the end of a phenomenal school year!