Thursday, August 05, 2010

PS22 sings at A-Rod's 600th Homerun Game!

Yesterday the chorus performed the national anthem at the start of the historic NY Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays, and like A-Rod himself, PS22 knocked it out of the same park!!

When the kids first arrived to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, they immediately were escorted to the field to rehearse. After soundcheck, they were given a brief tour of Yankees Monument Park, which paid homage to some of the greatest in Yankee history.

The Yankees even agreed to allow the World Series Trophy to be brought out just for the chorus!

Before anybody knew it, it was game time, and the kids took the field to perform. The chorus rocked it, and Albert was nothing short of extraordinary on the solo! Their rendition was greeted with thunderous applause! Throughout the performance they were accompanied by 10 students from a high school for the deaf that signed the anthem. It was a very special presentation, and a perfect way to start off any historic occasion.... (And check out Jose Pena on the bottom right in the 2nd pic below!)

When the kids finished rocking the crowd, they set out to join them for the game. The Yankees provided a beautiful VIP suite, that was catered with all kinds of kid-friendly foods! And the box seats were fantastic for the chorus to be treated to a bird's eye view of A-Rod's record-making home run! Ms. Massimo & Ms. LiPuma even brought along face paint to add to the fun!

All things considered, it's safe to say the PS22 Chorus was in seventh Yankee heaven!

Big thanks to the Yankees and Greg King for this unforgettable day! Equally big thanks to Mrs. Johnson for the awesome video footage, and Victor Breinberg for capturing the day with incredible pics!! (That shot he took of A-Rod at the top of this post is CLASSIC! That was the record-breaking swing!!) Also thanks to Mrs. Panzella, Ms. Massimo, Ms. LiPuma, Ms. Kaufman, Ms. Sweeney, Ms. Sassano, and Mr. & Mrs. Scaglione for helping out and sharing in the fun! More pics below!





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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! Can you post the footage of them singing please?

Mr. B said...

the yankees said they would be sending us a DVD in the next few weeks. i'm sure they'll follow thru. :)

Fabi said...

The video is pretty cool. :) Looks like all of you had a really nice experience. How was the feeling in the VIP suite? :-D

Unknown said...

Could u get a DVD 4me

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Brielle wasn't in the picture of all the kids together. Where was she?

John Barclay said...

The kids are great as always. Being a Red Sox fan...the only thing I'm offended by is the YANKEES hats! :)

Way to go kids!

lucresse said...

hi mr. b! its lucresse! i was going to see the game on tv but i missed it! ahhhh!!! by the way you hit the french accent spot on!! (kinda!) just kidding! that was very funny. :)

Anonymous said...

man you all are awesome if you ever come to nc hit thomas jesserson classical acedemy up !!! thks i smiled more than i have in 2 days (stomach flu ) lol..u all are in my prayers