Thursday, March 27, 2008

"And The Painted Ponies Go Up And Down" To Perform At Women In History Ceremony sponsored by N.Y.C. Councilman Mike McMahon!

Here is a breathtaking rendition of the beautiful song by Joni Mitchell, "The Circle Game", which is on her album Ladies Of The Canyon.

The chorus only finished learning the song the day of this rehearsal at which it was recorded. But I so love this rendition, despite the fact that the kids understandably struggled a bit with the words. (You can hear me feeding them the lines at points if you listen closely!) :) It's particularly moving to watch Ashleigh and the rest of the chorus singing their hearts out here!

So last night, the kids sang "The Circle Game" and more at the annual Women in History Ceremony sponsored by N.Y.C. Councilman Mike McMahon, a wonderful and generous friend to the PS22 Chorus. Below are some pics from the chorus' performance last night, for which they received another well-deserved standing O! Ashleigh rocked the house with her soloing on "No No No" by the Voices of East Harlem! Justin and Angela sang poignantly on the amazing song,"Valor", by former student (and current brilliant songwriter), Andrew Canlon. The song is from his group's self-titled album, O'Canlon, which comes highly recommended!!

The chorus with their friend and supporter, Councilman Mike MacMahon!
Getting psyched up to do a great job.....
"And the seasons -- they go round and round" -- Joni Mitchell

Justin and Angela singing their hearts out....
Chillin' with the sopranos!
The adorable Natalie!

Mr. B with Mrs. Donath, PS22's superb new principal whom, needlessly to say, was very proud of her chorus that night!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Made The Finals! So Start Voting!!

Okay, it's time for everyone to start placing their votes for The PS22 Chorus Remix (with original music by Barry Leitch) of "We're Brothers Forever" at our brother Renaldo Lapuz's website!

Weeks ago the chorus did their part to create this remix with their amazing harmonies!! Barry Leitch, another friend to the chorus, did the mixing and the original dance music! Now YOU can help support the PS22 Chorus by voting for our video!! Just click on the link below:

VOTE NOW - The Final 12 in the Remix Idol Contest! For the title of Best Renaldo Remix in the WORLD!

We are REMIX #4! Scroll down towards the bottom to enter your vote!

UPDATE (3/19): Only 1 vote per e-mail address, period! They are tallying the total sum of ALL votes, rather than doing a week to week elimination as originally planned.

In case you haven't seen our contest entry, you can see it on the voting page or right here:

Friday, March 07, 2008

Yes Yes Yes!!! It's "No No No"!!!

OK!! We're ready to present a new song from this year's mind-blowing chorus! Check out "No No No" by Voices Of East Harlem, an amazing choral group popular back in the 70's! Although they are not nearly as widely known as they should be, Voices Of East Harlem have 4 brilliant albums: Right On Be Free (the album that contains "No No No"), Brothers & Sisters, Voices Of East Harlem (self-titled), and Can You Feel It. Their music comes highly recommended!

So here's the PS22 Chorus featuring the astounding ASHLEIGH with their rendition of Voices Of East Harlem's, "No No No"!!! The chorus discovers another phenomenal soloist in Ashleigh, and she does us AND the song proud!


If you missed the posting of our chorus from 2005 performing "Simple Song Of Freedom" at Radio City Music Hall, here it is again! This is another great song by the Voices Of East Harlem (from the same album actually), and Sierra does a knock-out job on the solo!!