Sunday, April 22, 2007

Come Sit In On A 2007 PS22 Chorus Rehearsal

PS22 is getting ready to debut their original musical production, THE 14 CARROT FAIRY TALE! Below are some songs and funny moments from the chorus rehearsal! It's fun to watch everybody enjoying themselves!! (And Mr. B bouncing around like a banana at the piano!) Oh, btw, hi Banana (Breana)!! ;)

Dario sings SOOOOO beautifully, as does the chorus, on this beautiful song written by JUSTIN & Mr. B. This song, like the already classic PS22 Chorus song "BETHLEHEM", was written by JUSTIN & Mr. B while improvising. (You can hear JUSTIN sing the original improv that lead to "KEEP ON GOING" by clicking here: Justin & Mr. B -- Keep On Going))

Eric sings brilliantly on Gloria Gaynor's hit disco classic, "I Will Survive!"

And finally, a nice version of BOUNCING OFF CLOUDS with gym teacher, musician extraordinaire, & nicest guy ever, Mr. Eberle!


Anonymous said...

Thanks mr.B at least I'm bringing gesture back!


Mr. B said...

You ARE bringing jester-back!! Glad to see you saw my shout out!

Mr. B

Anonymous said...

i'm your big fan! too bad i live in another country. i wish someday the children could release a cd and i will definitly buy it!!

can i make a request? i would love to hear the chrildren sing This Woman's Work - Kate Bush. i though i would be nice to hear angelic voice of chrildren sing to this particular song.

love to all EWF

Mr. B said...

Thank you for commenting Pin! I love that song too! I'll see what I can do! And EWF love always!

Mr. B

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. B.,

I couldn't tell you how much your choir's version of "Bouncing Off Clouds" touched me today.

I'm a teacher in Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Last week, I was laid off from my teaching position because of lack of student enrollment. Today, I found out that I got my position back because of all sorts of reasons.

It's been a very big roller coaster of emotions for me these past 3 weeks. All I want to do is teach and I am in love with this town, and I didn't want to leave.

Today, I was walking home on clouds because I knew I got to stay here. I felt absolutely free, this song has been with me all day.

As I sit at home, and I watch this, I see a teacher as dedicated to his students as he can be and a group of students who love music as much as I do. I think your group of students are a talented bunch.

You all made my day brighter with this video. Thank you from the bottom of my smiling heart.

Cara Gowryluk

Anonymous said...

I just watched your video over at - simply amazing, you rock.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyy!U guyz are the BEST ! This iz my fave song ! also my not so lame teacher ! From ,Ridmila

Anonymous said...

the kid behind the girl that has the chorus shirt that says saprano and the girl has long hair the boy behind is showing alot of expression

Anonymous said...

angel is so handsome and shows alot of expression

Anonymous said...

How do I go about seeing the choir? I'll be in NYC 6.1 through 6.4, are there any rehearsals or performances that weekend? I may keel over if so :)


Anonymous said...

u sound so great in evry one ! now im a tori amos fan cause of mr.b From ridmila

David said...

thank u mr.b for all your hard work with us. it pays off when we sing.

Anonymous said...

hi mr.b all the videos are great but just to let you know this is my favorite song.From Giselle

juliana said...

did i tell you how much i love this song!?i love singing this thank you for all this work.

Anonymous said...

whad up mr.b just showing some luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

from dita

Anonymous said...

jst eat it!!!!!
yum yum
jordon u da man!!!!!1
numba 1
mr. b u are 1 luky guy

Anonymous said...

Mr.Eberle can play the guitar really good . we sound great cause of mr.b . From ur fave ridmila

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite song!Thank you so much for teaching it to us Mr.B!


Mr. B said...

Hi Ziha!

You have EXCELLENT taste in music!! Can't wait to hear your song....


Anonymous said...

I am also a Music Teacher in the UK. I teach secondary and primary schools in my local area of the Lake District. Tori Amos has been favourite singer since I was a mere 7 years old. I began learning her music by ear at my baby grand when I was a tiny little girl and now I also try to promote her Music to my classes.
I have to say that your work is stunning, not only your choir but you as an individual seem to have amazing talent and some incredible teaching skills.
What I would do to be able to meet Tori again... I once had the pleasure of shaking her hand whilst in a flood of tears outside Manchester Apollo Theatre. However, if I ever met her again I'd hope to be a little more composed. She is a magical creature who somehow fills me with hope and has saved me over and over throughout my life with her words and her music. Its theraputic and magical, indescribable.. just yummy music.

I have watched all your videos and am taken aback by the willingness and enthusiasm that the kids in the choir show. You are one lucky man having the talent and the 'go get them' attitude that these kids are bringing to your classes. I am very envious! If only the kids I taught were more enthusiastic about the subject.

I would love to hear from you if you could spare me a moment to drop me an email. Any ideas which you have for teaching I would also love to share with you.
My email address is (please feel free to add me to your MSN list if you have one) OR

Thank you for taking the time out to read this message!

Congratulations and good luck for the future with your extrodinary choir. WOW!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bunch of kids with huge talent! You guys are truly amazing! I have always been a huge Tori Amos fan and now after hearing the PS22 Choir, they are also at the top of my list. Keep up the good work, each and every one of you is truly an inspiration.

Love a fellow EWF,

thordora said...

This is so awesome-just incredible. Her songs have even more depth from kids..

thank you.

Jay said...

Really interesting Blog. As a fellow educator I take my hat off to you for the great work you are doing with the kids.

Anonymous said...

I love these kids so much!! I found some of your videos at youtube few days ago and I´m impressed ... there is something so wonderful about the way they sing and I really admire them all (the teacher, too) ... please, could you add some more songs to download on the blog? I hope I´ll have a chance to see you live one day, even though I live so far from you ... :D


PS: Sorry for my english, I only learn, but I hope you understood, what I wanted to say :))

Anonymous said...

mr b trust me they might be bringin jester back but im brigin screamin back

Carol said...

Holy cow watching these videos make me wanna cry good time good times