Thursday, May 31, 2007

PS22 Chorus on The VH1 Website & The Blog Has A Major 'Traffic Jam' In May!

Thanks to "Life Of Mel" for alerting me about this! Here's a screenshot of our plug on VH1's website! Congrats yet again to the chorus posse!

Click to enlarge.

The major media coverage (including VH1, USA Today, The New York Daily News, Nylon Magazine, Blog of the Day on Blogger, Perez Hilton's site, Pink Is The New Blog, and on all the Tori Amos forums) the chorus received in May surrounding the Tori Amos/PS22 Chorus experience has boosted the number of visitors and pages viewed on the site ASTRONOMICALLY! Chorus, here's a chart so you can see just how much of an impact you have made all over the world since we started the website in September.

Click to enlarge.

All together you've had 23,520 visitors to the site, and 41,739 pages viewed! And most unbelievably, there have been 400,000 viewings of PS22 Chorus videos on the internet!! Chorus, you're amazing and people all over the world are taking notice. Below is a chart representing the percentages of countries our website visitors are from. See kids?! Math CAN be fun!!

Mind-boggling!!! 'Nuff said!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Chorus covers "Father's Son"......

After getting preliminary instruction on this song by Tori Amos herself, it seemed only fitting that we follow through.... Here are the results so far from today's rehearsal. Not too shabby!! And our Breana sounds G-R-E-A-T on the solo!!! YAY BANANA!!!!!! (Don't hurt me.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Click on the above article to enlarge.

Thanks to Tanyanika Samuels (the phenomenal writer), the uncredited (but very cool and supportive!!) photographer, and the Daily News who all did such a great job of capturing the excitement of the day!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tori Amos Mentions The Chorus in Nylon Magazine video interview!!

Apparently Tori was definitely deeply moved by her experience with the P.S.22 Chorus last Friday! (See previous posts!) On a new interview with Nylon Magazine, which was conducted after our Sony event with Tori, she had this to say:

"When you have children that can sing your music -- I think as a songwriter -- to know that other people are singing your songs -- there's no greater feeling...."

Nylon Magazine is a highly respected periodical in the fashion industry, showcasing the lastest in cutting edge couture fashion.

AWESOME!!! Congrats chorus on receiving yet even more proof that you have the ability to inspire people, even (as Jordan points out in our 4th Tori video) a celebrity!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Chorus Gets A Message From Tori Amos!!

Big thanks to Tori and to the nice people at SONY Music for sending this on to us!

PS22's Visit with Tori Amos featured on USA Today Website AND We're The Blog of The Day!!!

It seems like The 22 Chorus Posse has been making some serious impressions on the internet lately! Our blog was the featured blog of the day on, AND also we were written up on the USA Today Website!


Go Chorus!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The PS22 Chorus -- Under The Tori Covers!

With all of our recent Tori Amos excitement(not the least of which was having our video of singing "Dragon" for Tori (and inciting tears) UNBELIEVABLY becoming Sunday's NUMBER 2 most watched YouTube video, and being showcased on multiple celebrity blog sites), I have received many requests for MP3 recordings of our Tori covers. So here are our Tori selections available for downlad. And not to worry -- for those of you anticipating this year's chorus's Tori covers (i.e. Dragon, Bouncing Off clouds, Happy Worker....) -- I will be recording and posting them soon. But here's the list as it stands.

PS22 Chorus -- Carbon (2003)

David -- "Not The Red Baron" by Tori Amos (2003)

PS22 Chorus -- "Wednesday" by Tori Amos (2003)

Deon -- "Flying Dutchman" by Tori Amos (2004)

PS22 Chorus sings Purple People by Tori Amos (2006)

PS22 Chorus feat. Justin -- Ode To My Clothes (by Tori Amos)

PS22 Chorus -- "That's What I Like, Mick" by Tori Amos (2005)

Special thanks to Saar at Afterglow for hosting these files while we were in the process of attaining hosting space.

And here are some Tori-inspired covers.....

PS22 Chorus -- "Common People" by Pulp (2006)

PS22 Chorus featuring NATIFAH -- "God Bless The Child" by Billie Holiday (2006)

PS22 Chorus -- "People Are Strange" by The Doors (2006)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tori Amos And The 22 Chorus Posse!!!

Well yesterday was a dream come true. I'm not ashamed to say it may well have been the most amazing day of my life -- and I think my chorus feels the same! I'm sure it is quite obvious by the abundance of her songs on our blog, Tori Amos plays quite a big part in our repertoire. Well thanks to the talent, dedication, and hard work of our chorus, they earned themselves the opportunity of a lifetime. After seeing some of the videos of the chorus (that are posted on our blog), Tori not only agreed, but insisted on meeting the most talented kids in the world at the Sony Atrium in New York City! She even insisted on singing WITH them!!

As you will hear from the mouths of the children themselves, this was an unforgettable experience for all involved -- and certainly the music teacher!! It was such a blessing for me personally to be able to share my pride and joy (the chorus) with my own personal hero and inspiration.

Tori, the children and I are so grateful for your time, as we all know you are VERY busy promoting your amazing new album. We wish you all the success you deserve and thank you with all our hearts for what you've given us -- the memory of a lifetime. It was so gratifying to see that we touched your heart the way you've touched ours.

Thank you to the people at SONY (Kristen, Lois, & Sarah) for arranging this cataclysmic union between two of the greatest musical talents out there -- Tori Amos and The PS22 Chorus!

Now go watch the festivities!!

The PS22 Chorus make Tori cry!! (We are inclined to think in a good way....)

Tori sings an acoustic guitar version of "Father's Son" with the chorus! Her voice is 'liquid diamonds' here.

Pics, signing, fainting....

Fainting, cheering, dreams come true, obligatory Sanjaya-hating by Mariama, and Tori-lovin'!

Some reflections from the chorus on our unforgettable day (and some Sanjaya hating from Mariama!).... And to my chorus members who are reading this, I am so proud of how wise you are in understanding the depth of the gift we've been given. Heck, I'm just so proud of you!!

UPDATE 5/5/07 (More pics)

Tori Protected by the Sopranos.....

Mariama: "Tori can SING!" And Tyrell (our local paparazzi!) taking a break from snapping pics of Tori on his cell phone!

Talented AND Beautiful!

"Repeat After Me...."

Tori Gets Down To The Music

"My Chorus Is Laughing At Me, Tori...."

It's A Happy Day

The altos singing their hearts out for Tori!

Tori Amos delighted to have met The PS22 Chorus Posse!

Tori applauding a job well done!! ThE cHoRuS rOckS!

UPDATE: There is much more posted throughout the blog on the aftermath of our Tori Amos adventure, including pics, autographs, write-ups in The New York Daily News, USA Today, VH1 Blog, and much more. Tori herself has since mentioned the chorus in interviews (the quotes at the top left of the page on the sidebar), and those articles can also be found on the blog if you look in the May, June, and July 2007 archives.