Tuesday, May 22, 2007


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Thanks to Tanyanika Samuels (the phenomenal writer), the uncredited (but very cool and supportive!!) photographer, and the Daily News who all did such a great job of capturing the excitement of the day!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! You lucky son of a gun!!! She is my IDOL!!!!! I'm so glad your students got to have that experience. It's one of those moments I wish I would've had at that age! Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we made the newspaper !!!!! congrats M.b From ,ridmila

Mr. B said...

This isn't just "the newspaper". This is The Daily News! That's HUGE, Ridmila! So congrats to YOU!! She didn't come to hear me sing that's for sure.... (If she did she would've run away or cried -- for different reasons than why she cried for you guys.....)

Mr. B

En Mundo Joyjo's said...

Éxitos... ví tu blog en Blogs of Note de Blogger, Felicidades!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.B,
We just saw you guys today. When we left we started to miss you guys.

P.S. It must have been fun to be in the newspaper.

From your,

Anonymous said...

hey Mr. B!!!(the pianist in case you forgot)Its Samantha, I've been watching the PS22 Chorus for awhile!! I've finally got the guts to say hi. And Congrats by the way!!

The Asker said...

Good cheer and congrats to you and the children for exhibiting such talent and grace in an exciting moment in time!

I'm so happy for you that your efforts have made it to the Daily News - now for a television (maybe Good Morning America or David Letterman?) exposure.

Keep up the marvelous work!

Just a reader ...

Your Ultimate Survivor said...

The Daily News! WOW!!

Can you send out autographed copies?

doug said...

You know, I've been a big fan of Tori's since 1993. She's been my favorite musician since I first discovered her, and for a while there I bordered on obsessed. In recent years, though, my enthusiasm has kind of cooled. I still counted her as my favorite, but I didn't listen to her music nearly as often as I used to, I didn't voraciously read all the news about her, etc. etc. When I first bought American Doll Posse, I wasn't crazy about it. I bought it at the midnight release the day it came out, but I only listened to it all the way through once and then sat it aside.

When I saw you kids taking Tori's music and making it your own, and when I saw how you moved her and how she moved you - when I saw this diverse and talented and amazing group of kids feeling the excitement and passion for Tori's music that I once felt - it sparked in me again. I listen to ADP now and can't turn it off.

Thanks, PS22 Chorus, for reminding me of something I had almost forgotten!

Anonymous said...

aaaahhhhhhh!the daily news!this so cool!

ziha(PS-youre definetly right about Tori running away if you sang for her there)
just kidding!
please dont spit on me!

Mr. B said...

Et tu, Ziha?

Mr. B

Anonymous said...

i'm with you ridmila by tariq

Mr. B said...

Now Tariq, I'm surprised you didn't say "I'm with you Ziha