Friday, August 27, 2010

PS22 Chorus Does the Cakewalk!

Just got word that on Thursday, September 9th, the FOOD Network will be airing the PS22 Chorus episode of ACE OF CAKES that we filmed in June! It was indeed a deliciously good time! The title of the episode says it all -- "MUSIC & MAYHEM!"


RSA Certificate said...

Music and mayhem eh? sounds exciting ;) can't wait to see it!
Side note I don't suppose there's a chance you can give us a teeny weeny hint of what PS22 is going to cover next?

Mr. B said...

thanks RSA! can't say anything yet, but a few exciting covers AND collaborations are already in the works for next year! stay tuned.... :)

Anonymous said...

cant wait for it its probably going to be awsome and good luck kids of 2010-2011 your going to be great

-Sandy =) guys will do an awsome job!!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI-- the episode description on the has the title "Relay for Life" and Grammy cake.