Sunday, September 24, 2006

Highlights from PS22's 2006 production of Sandy Ground: Flowers Of The Sand

"Sandy Ground: Flowers of the Sand", is the true story of the trials, tribulations, & accomplishments of a local Staten Island community that left a legacy of humble greatness. PS22 wrote, produced, and performed this show after visiting the Sandy Ground museum, in Staten Island. Sandy Ground was the first free African-American community started by ancestors of many who still live in the area. We thank all of the many Sandy Grounders who attended the performances, including Lois Mosley (author of "Sandy Ground Memories") and her sons Greg and Gerald, Julie Moody Lewis (Sandy Ground Historical Society president), and Sylvia D'Alessandro (Sandy Ground Museum curator and executive director). Your presence there gave us added pride and inspiration. To learn more about Sandy Ground and why it is an officially documented United States historical landmark, check out:

Justin's JAW-DROPPING performance of "Lift Every Voice And Sing", the African-American anthem.

Strawberry Fields....

Van Diemen's Land by U2 (changed to "Sandy Ground" for the show)

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The Asker said...

Incredibly strong and sweet singing by Justin. Your blog has been a pleasure to read, watch and listen to. Wow.

(as a native of Staten Island, I feel so lucky to have clicked on your blog via the Blogger's Blogs of Note)