Saturday, September 23, 2006

Highlights From PS22's 2003 American Idol Competition

Our first American Idol competition in 2003 was one of our most beloved productions, and gave rise to some legendary PS22 vocal performances and otherwise! See them here!

David (the amazing singer of Tori Amos' Not The Red Baron posted previously) hosted PS22's American Idol competition. A funny, entertaining, multi-talented kid! Check out his antics here as we introduce the show!

Chris won in his category with this amazing rendition of the Wayne Wonder hit, "No Letting Go"! And singing to mommy? Brilliant!! One of the winning performances:

It was quite a shocker when the votes revealed a tie between Chris & Farouk, and the audience couldn't have been more thrilled to see these two share the title of American Idol! So here is the other winner of the 5th grade chorus member category, Farouk, singing Lil' Corey's & Lil' Romeo's hit, "Hush Lil' Lady"!

And here is little Zaria in kindergarten when she stole the show with her amazing performance of the spiritual, "Do Lord". No surprise that Zaria is currently a star member of this year's PS22 Chorus!

Check out these highlights of our elementary school's extremely entertaining American Idol auditions....

Noshavyah's Unforgettable Audition -- singing Deniece Williams "Silly"

Kevin's memorable call-back round performance of Sean Paul's "Like Glue"

For highlights of our 2005 American Idol 2 competition, click here.

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