Monday, March 08, 2010

More Lisztomania-mania!!

The PS22 Chorus of 2010 is definitely causing quite a stir around the internet with its newest cover of "Lisztomania" by Phoenix. In addition to earning over 50,000 views on its weekend debut and being featured in top spots on Buzzfeed & Reddit, today the video has shown up on three noteworthy blogs from The Village Voice, Teen Vogue, & MTV Buzzworthy! All have great things to say about the chorus's latest effort! Check out the screencaps below. And for more on "Lisztomania," click here.


Heder said...

Man, this is awesome, I have just cried!

Phoenix must see that and ask these children to sing with them!

Congratulations! :DDDD

Anonymous said...

saw this on the teen vogue website, you guys are unbelievably inspiring :) and you guys cover my favorite songs, ah!!! :) <3 keep on jammin'

Jessica said...


Sean said...

Just thought you would want to know that the DOE is featuring this on their I Teach NYC fan page on Facebook

Andrea said...

..Are you kidding me!?

This is just amazing !

Anonymous said...

The Youtube Lisztomania video was embedded in today's (March 9, 2010) website,
from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a free local newspaper distributed hard-copy and on the web.

The commentary from Metronews below the video said the following:

"We used to think Lizstomania by Phoenix was a perfect song -- in the sense that nothing should be added and nothing should be taken away. Clearly we were wrong. The kids from PS22 needed to be added. Now it's perfect."

Nimey said...

This version is amazing, really, I'm definitely sharing the video. Great choice of song too. I have to listen to all the songs now, you're all just brilliant.

Melissa said...

The kids are awesome, but so much of this is you - the director. What you get out of these kids is just amazing! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

its perfect!
I love this blog
thanks for all and
congrats too.

Len said...

What you're doing whith these kids is just amazing!
It's so great to see passion and willness in their eyes.
You can be proud of you and of your team :)
Congrats from France and I wish you all the best !

Samia said...

Congratulations from France§
You're gorgeous, love you all!

Paulina said...

You're awesome! Greeting from Poland.