Sunday, March 07, 2010

Another Beautiful Celtic Message

The chorus just got another e-mailed message from Lynn Hillary of Celtic Woman, who visited the kids just last week.

Dear Gregg and PS22,

It's been almost a week since we met you and your incredible bunch of little superstars but we are all STILL talking about it all the time! I can't stress enough what an impression they made on us not just with their glorious voices and obvious love and dedication for the music they sing, but they were just such nice friendly kids!! I just know they will all go on to do great things in the world. Sometimes I forget what joy there is to be found in singing, and you all reminded me of that! Also your advice to the kids about "if you FEEL the music you can never go wrong!" is something I will always think about if I ever feel nervous!

I've been reading your amazing blog and really wanted to add my thanks too (you don't have to post this up, I'm sure you're running out of space! I just wanted to thank you again, I know it's all been said already but once more wouldn't hurt!!) I was on the meet and greet that night at Radio City and the people were amazed when I told them this was our first time performing with the children, they said it looked so natural, like it was really meant to be a part of the show all the time. If only you could be with us every night!

Performing You Raise Me Up now feels strange without PS22, like there is something missing, but their voices always resonate inside my head as we sing, so in a way it feels like they are there all around us, sometimes I imagine that they are! I think this is an experience that will stay with me for a long long time.

Thank you so much and please tell them that we really miss them and think about them a lot!

I wish you and the children continued success and happiness, and we really hope to see you again soon (for more hugs..and sniffs!)

I can't wait to see what you get up to next on your adventures...we'll be watching!!

Peace and Love,


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Zen said...

Whoa... that was some high praise and really heartfelt, too. It almost read like a love-letter to the chorus. I imagine you feel like walking on air today, Gregg.