Saturday, March 20, 2010

Glamour, Kylie, Ashton, & The Church All Love PS22!

The PS22 Chorus of 2010 has been getting some pretty impressive endorsements lately! This week alone, they appeared on Glamour's blog with a great review and link to the kids' rendition of "Lisztomania" by Phoenix! And yesterday, Aussie mega-star Kylie Minogue tweeted and linked to it as well!

Also tweeting about PS22 is our old faithful friend, Ashton Kutcher, who linked to the video of the chorus's most recent collaboration with Matisyahu!

And this one really made me happy to see! The kids' version of The Church's "Under The Milky Way" was found on the band's official website! Always great to see the chorus's covers get shown some love by the original artists! Thanks to the band and to all the above for helping support the PS22 Chorus!


Suz said...

LOVE to see all the love the kids keep getting from the regulars... and glad to see that The Church endorses their amazing version of their song!

Andra said...

Guys, congratulations! Mr B. you're doing a great job with these kids. I would have been honored to be in New York and assist to one of your performances.

Oh, btw, have you seen Josh Groban's post on his blog with a PS22 Chorus video? That's the first time when i watched some of your videos. Then, i spent my whole evening watching your videos and singing along with the kids. :)

Unknown said...

The 92 Y performance was outstanding! I haven't been able to stop listening to the kids since. JUST BEAUTIFUL! all is love <3

Unknown said...

Wow. Just wow. This song has been one of my favorites for such a LONG time and to hear it like this is just awe-inspiring. It's like it's come full circle for me. Thank you so much. I hope my own daughter has an opportunity to sing if she chooses (she's four). Thank you for all you do and for sharing this with us.

talya chalef said...

hi mr b

i think what you're doing is so fantastic. what an amazing opportunity for these kids to have such a fabulous role model, life experience at such a young and informative age and just generally a safe fun time and place.

i've been obsessed with watching all the videos. they're amazing and such a testament to your passion and generosity.

well done.

Emily said...

One of my favourite songs of all time. So glad I found it on the choir's list. I'd love to hear them do World Party's Ship of Fools.

Anonymous said...

leah sounds wonderful and the chorus is so good im so glad that you guys like what your doing dont stop singing and keep believing