Sunday, December 17, 2006

PS22 Chorus parties at Academy Award-winner Marcia Gay Harden's house!!

Marcia Gay Harden greets the PS22 Chorus on her doorstep!

What can we say about the night of December 16th, 2006? Can it get any cooler than receiving an invite to perform at the home of an Academy Award-winning actress?! The answer is yes -- performing for a person who (incidentally!) meets the above criteria, yet someone who is down to earth, gracious, and one who simply radiates humanity. That is Marcia Gay Harden, a genuine human being! Marcia fell in love with the chorus when she saw the kids perform at the Rainbow Room last month, and followed through on an invitation for them to sing at her home for a very intimate private holiday party! The kids were treated as honored guests, and we were all very appreciative of Marcia, her husband, family, and friends for the utmost in hospitality!

The kids performed magnificently! They had Marcia and the rest of her guests alternately in tears and smiles! It was so sweet to see Marcia's kids and their little friends singing along with the chorus. Aside from performing inside her home, chorus members said that the highlights of the trip included caroling outside in the neighborhood with Marcia, and playing afterwards with her adorable kids! We thank Marcia Gay Harden sincerely for giving the kids (and their loyal entourage!!) a night they will never forget!

If you haven't seen the Rainbow Room performance where we first caught Marcia's eye and ear, check out:

And to hear what Marcia says to the chorus, and some inspiring words for them, check out:

Below are some pictures from the party. I will also begin to compile some video highlights of the event which I will post later....

(Click pics to enlarge)

Marcia introduces us to her guests!

The kids sing their hearts out for Marcia and her guests!

Marcia poses with the kids!

A'caroling we go!

Dario leads the chorus, and the neighborhood joins in on "Silent Night"!

Marcia says goodbye and wishes us all happily holidays! The baby Marcia was holding wasn't happy to see that the chorus was leaving.... (TOO cute)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.B it's bannana. just 2 let u know sorry I couldn't make it to Marcia's house but when I get the tape of the christmas show I was in I'll bring on a wednesday because that's when u have my class. bye!


Mr. B said...

Hello sweet Banana,

I can't wait to see!!

Big hug,
Mr. B!

Tom A. said...

HI, I've become obsessed with your chorus today, and have spent two hours looking at youtube and your blog. If I get fired, I'm blaming you. I'm really impressed how you've taught the kids to not over sing. "O happy Day" from 2006 is a good example of how most youth choruses sing. In 2009, everything has changed for the better!

We started a chorus in a pretty bad neighborhood in DC about 10 months ago. So far it's been a big success! Check out

Keep up the great work!

Mr. B said...

please don't get fired on our account!! ;) thanks so much!! great job you're doing in DC!! :)