Thursday, December 07, 2006

Seven Classic PS22 Chorus Selections from 2005!

Here is a song that the soloist Ben (and his also-incredibly talented brother Eric) taught me when they arrived from Liberia, and boy oh boy, wouldn't he make Kirk Franklin proud?! It's called "Now Behold The Lamb."

The chorus sings Tori Amos' "Not The Red Baron", inspired by DAVID's legendary solo performance of the song.

The chorus, featuring TAO, sings Faithless' "Baseball Cap"! A student favorite for obvious reasons!!

The chorus, featuring the incredible P.S.22 alumnus DEON,
sings the "Degrassi Next Generation" theme song.

The chorus sings a medley of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" and New Kids On The Block member Joe McIntyre's "Stay The Same"! Another classic!

The chorus featuring FAITH singing "Ooh Child", one of my favorite songs of all time!

FABIAN leads the chorus in this preview of our graduation song, aptly titled "Graduation Song (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. B!!! Remember me? Amerie and patrick chellel, we moved in 2004, you were the greatest music teacher ever, i wish i still had a music teacher like you, it was so fun

Mr. B said...

Hey Amerie!

Great to hear from you! And of course I remember you -- are you kidding me?! :) I really miss you and I hope you and your bro are doing well! Please say hello to him and your mom for me. The Chellel family is the stuff that PS22 legend is made of!! I'm glad you found the website, and that it brings back good memories! And thank you SOOO much for your sweet compliments!! I've got lots of great memories of you too! I'm sure you've heard the saying, "gone but not forgotten". I remember you as one of the sweetest kids ever, and it made my day to hear from you!

Mr. B

Cheyenne said...

Mr B !

HOPEFULLY , you remember me but uhm yeah HI ! these videos bring back so many memories . we were so young , i feel so old since im in highschool now ! i miss these days so much :/

Mr. B said...

of course i remember you cheyenne!! ("angel of mine" AI2 finals!) :) so good to hear from you, bud!! :)

Anonymous said...

hey mr.b its kayla.r I was just watching this video ,well all the videos they sound so good.

Michael said...

Hey Mr.B! Its Mike Roach Miss you! Man, the chorus and I used to sing for the Borough Prez now you singin for Tyra and Oprah! Your on fire dude Keep it up! p.s. Is American Idol (Graniteville Edition)still around? lol

Mr. B said...

hey mike! great to hear from you! yeah, the chorus has come a long way for certain..... AI graniteville edition pops up every few years, we're probably due for one soon -- too bad you're not around to play host....

J.Terrill said...

I find it amazing that your song selections read like my "now playing" list on my MP3 Player... It can't be a coincidence with obscure favorites like "Baseball Cap" by Faithless in the mix!

Are you guys spying on my computer or something? LOL

Anyway, it looks like you kids are starting 2011 off the right way - with Kylie Minogue!?! Hello...

Mr B is really onto something with this stuff... I first heard your chorus randomly on YouTube performing Eye of The Tiger (a while back) and was instantly hooked on PS22.

I cannot tell you how much that cheered me up when I really needed it most.

So Thanks for That!

PS,Next on my playlist is "Roam" by the B-52's, followed by some Cyndi Lauper "Time After Time" (ahem... hint, hint)