Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yesterday the kids finished up a brand new song, the amazingly cool and catchy "Fireflies" by Owl City! Here's an awesome performance of the song from rehearsal, with some great lead vocals by Justin & Kayla S.! This group is just keeping 'em coming!

UPDATE: Thanks to Perez Hilton for linking to the new video on his Twitter page! So proud and appreciative of the plug!

UPDATE 2: The Fireflies video has already begun to earn itself YouTube Honors within just a few hours of being uploaded, including the #12 Top Rated Music Video today! Congrats to the PS22 Chorus kids!!


Unknown said...

You are an amazing choir, hats off to all of you!
I hope you will continue singing and cheer up the world with it.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Derek said...

Since the original sounds so cheerful, playful, and childish it would be really cool to see ya'll and Owl City do a collaboration of this track.


Nashville, TN

Anonymous said...

my personal favorite chorus song.

kaitlynn f. 5a-126