Friday, November 06, 2009


PS22 super-fan Ashton Kutcher strikes again with another PS22 Chorus tweet on his highly read Twitter page! This time he links to the video of our kids singing for Marcia Gay Harden! Big thanks to the man for his incredible support of our chorus program -- this is the 8th time he's linked to the videos of the 2010 crew, and the 17th time he's linked to the PS22 Chorus overall. SICK!

For more Ashton Kutcher PS22 Chorus tweets, start here.


Unknown said...

Ashton again! hmpth And a whole section to him! bah! :-p

Suz said...

i see you tried to make it more obvious for some of your more reading impaired viewers-- namely ME!!! good job putting the number 8 in there! although technically now that i have thought about it -- mathematically it should read

you better not apporve this comment~ hehe

Mr. B said...

@bardi: i know, pretty tiresome. :P

@suz: don't expect any points in the grammar war for mathematical corrections. :P (but i like it!)