Thursday, November 26, 2009

PS22 Chorus Socks SAKS with Holiday Cheer!

On Monday, the PS22 Chorus of 2010 helped add some holiday cheer to the Saks 5th Avenue Windows Unveiling in Manhattan. The kids gave a Christmas-themed performance, singing some holiday classics as well as some of their biggest hits thus far this year. The chorus opened the performance with "Fireflies" by Owl City. They rocked it big-time, as did soloists Justin F. and Kayla S., who did their best job yet!

Brielle leads the chorus in a fantastic rendition of "Halo" by Beyonce! And man, if that girl is not getting better by the minute....

Here's the Christmas traditional, "Joy To The World," which the kids put together at rehearsal that afternoon just before the performance!

This version of "Jingle Bells" (traditional) was another song the chorus learned that day! The kids bring their own flavor to this holiday classic, and were quite happy to perform it (especially John apparently!). After the song is done, stay tuned for some great PS22 Chorus testimonials from Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas, and even a peek at some of the unveiled windows and the kids' reactions.

The kids topped off their performance with "Run This Town" by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West. Check it out!

When the chorus was through, Tony Award-winning actress, Kristen Chenoweth took the stage to perform a beautiful rendition of "I'll Be Home For Christmas." Here she is below with the chorus.

It was an amazing time for the kids and for all who were lucky enough to witness the performance, including such notables as Phil Donahue, Marlo Thomas, Fern Mallis, and Nannette Lepore. Below is Phil and his wife Marlo posing for a shot with the chorus.

Saks was awesome to the kids, giving them each beautiful hard cover copies of Twinkle Twinkle Little Flake, the book that inspired the theme for this year's windows.

In addition, the kids were given the hats and scarves they were wearing for the performance. Big thanks to everyone on hand at Saks for taking such good care of our chorus!


Suz said...

What a fun-filled day! Glad Saks gave you hats and scarves to keep warm... it looked a little chilly out there!
The soloists sounded fantastic as did the rest of the BOTH events... keep up the great work kids!! Can't wait to hear what you amaze us with next...

Bobby G. said...

I was visiting NYC and saw this group perform. Amazing job and song selection!

Bianca Carrasco said...

OMG I luv that song!!! And they way you guys sang it was AMAZING!! The chorus keeps getting better Mr.B and April from last years chorus said hi!!! :)

Mr. B said...

biancadonk!! so good to see you today, even from across the street! miss you much!! and definitely tell april i said hello. :)