Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Allie's Back!

The PS22 Chorus of 2010 got a surprise visit from one of last year's star soloists, Allie. And to give you an idea of the talent, I literally lent her my iPod with this song for about a half hour and she was ready to give the performance you see here on the first take. The girl is a marvel! And the song is "A Silent Night With You" from the brilliant new album by Tori Amos entitled Midwinter Graces.


Suz said...

Allie-- you are an amazing young lady-- absolutely fantastic on this.. as always-- brought me to tears!
So glad you got to come back and perform again... what an inspiration for all the ones in chorus and the ones still hoping to make it!
Keep singing girl!!

PCovi said...

She nailed it! Wonderful song too. I feel for those kids when they have to leave the thing they love!

ariellegodslioness said...

this makes me happy! thx PS22, Mr.B and Allie :)

Evil Nora said...

hey Mr.B omg thatz so cool allie came back i see her everyday at school but its cool she got to come with this chorus lol i remmeber i had walked in while u guys were making this on parent teachers confrence lol miss everyone great job chorus n allie

~~Evil Nora!!~~