Monday, November 30, 2009

13 Million Views!

Congratulations to the PS22 Chorus for garnering over 13,000,000 views of its videos!! Crazy, baby!


Suz said...

14 million is just around the corner I'm sure ;)
Great pic of Justin!

Unknown said...

This is amazing... What impresses me most is the variety of music you are exposing these children to. I always say that children aren't exposed to great music like I was as a child, but you are proving me wrong. A very good three year old friend of mine loves to sing It Ain't Me Babe, by Bob Dylan as well as We Are Gonna to Be Friends by The White Stripes, and many more. How about some Simon & Garfunkel for the children? When I move back to NYC ps22 will be on my list of things to see in person!

Anonymous said...

Mr. B,

Watching your chorus has left me speechless. I am a first year teacher teaching middle school chorus and it's so incredibly inspiring to see your enthusiasm, talent, and passion transfer over to your chorus. I was moved to tears by the performances and I just wanted to tell you that you are making a difference in more lives than you know. There are probably so many other teachers out there watching this. You can see in everything you do that you love teaching and you love making music (really awesome, beautiful, powerful music) with these kids. I hope I will be as amazing a teacher as you are.