Thursday, November 19, 2009


The PS22 Chorus earned itself a new and extremely talented fan in Jason Mraz, who is best known for his amazingly catchy tune, "I'm Yours." On Tuesday, Jason linked to the chorus's version of "Joga" by Bjork, one of my own personal favorites. In his post, he calls the chorus "a fully expressed group of young persons." Check it out in the screencap above. 


Unknown said...

Kudos to you, Mr. B!! You are an inspiration not just to your kids, but to anyone who sees what you are doing with those wonderful kids. Would love to see your chorus do a Mraz song.

Thank you for being such an amazing human being!!

Suz said...

Love Jason -- gotta support the hometown boys and Virginia native!!! Glad he finally became aware of the kids he will be competing against for space on the Billboard charts in a little while!!

Juliette Cabalery said...

Hey mister B I don't know if you read my message or figured out by yourself, but I'm glad you saw Jason Mraz aknowledged you and the kids :)

Keep your great work :D