Monday, October 15, 2012

ONCE IN A LULLABY voted BEST DOCUMENTARY at Woodstock Film Festival!

"ONCE IN A LULLABY: The PS22 Chorus Story" premiered at Tribeca Film Festival back in April, and ever since, Jonathan Kalafer's documentary has been taking the film festival circuit by storm!   What's the latest good news surrounding the film?  It was just voted Best Documentary at last week's sold-out screening during the Woodstock Film Festival according to IndieWIRE Magazine!  The film was also recently voted Best Documentary at the New Jersey Film Festival!  (NJIFF will be giving an encore screening of the PS22 Chorus documentary at Rutger's University this Friday!  Click here for ticket info!)  We are thrilled by all the wonderful accollades the movie continues to receive and are very hopeful that a distribution deal will be coming its way soon, so more people will be able to see this powerful documentary!  We'll continue to keep you posted!!

Film Director Jonathan Kalafer, Mr. B, & editor Devin Pickering at Woodstock Film Festival


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I'm so proud watching this, it actually made me tear looking back and remembering this experience! I've been watching these kids that came after us from years 2012 to 2014, and they have all been so amazing and talented! Mr. B, you are giving these kids an experience they will never forget! I honestly hope they get just as many big and beautiful opportunities as they possibly can!This is truly amazing!

-Aeva (Chorus 2010-2011)