Friday, October 12, 2012

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

PS22 Chorus of 2013 does a lively acoustic cover of one of my favorite songs right now, "Feels Like We Only Go Backward," by the ultra-cool indie act, Tame Impala! The kids only started this today at rehearsal, and did a rather amazing job considering (or NOT considering)..... Additional props go to our new drummer Nicholas, and the phenomenal duo of Jianna & Matthew!!

UPDATE (10-13-12): Tame Impala put the video on its Facebook page exclaiming, "HOLY BAJOLY BATMAN!"


Anonymous said...

Good job jianna and matthew good druming nick
Delaney 5@126 ;)

Andre said...

So, you found a drummer, the first duo of the year and they sound so much in sync that I cant't distinguish their voices. Oh, and they learned all that in a day. Did I miss any of the awesomeness?

Anonymous said...

Holy bajoly batman<3 HOW AWESOME. I hope we can learn a song like this another time<3 Nicholas, Jianna, Matthew were good. I put a very big comment. I'll stop now. :|

- Le Nadia

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the support guys.

P.S great job matthew and jianna

Anonymous said...

we did an amazing job great druming nick and two good soloist gianna and matthew

Anonymous said...

Nyema 5@130