Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rebecca Loebe has The Voice!!

Yesterday the PS22 Chorus of 2013 received a visit from the wickedly talented (but angelically-dispositioned) Rebecca Loebe! Rebecca got some wonderful well-deserved nationwide exposure last year as a THE VOICE contestant (she was on Team Adam!), and now she continues making and putting out music as an independent artist. PS22 had the pleasure of performing two of her original songs together. The first is the more upbeat performance of our collaboration entitled, "Swallowed By The Sea," and we were thrilled to have Daniel-san stop by to contribute his skills to make this particular version even more extra special! The second is the somber and beautiful, "Mercy." You can check out both performances below.

We thank Rebecca for being such a wonderful and inspiring guest! She radiated pure good energy and the kids and we all were touched by her glow. Rebecca herself wrote a narrative about her experience at PS22 and how deeply moved she was ("one of the most incredible things I have done in my life"), and you can read that on her blog here. We send her enormous thanks, as well as to Ms. Lisa for filming the performances and her wonderful pics below!


Anonymous said...

I hope all is well with my favorite chorus post Sandy. I have thought of you all frequently...stay safe!

Anonymous said...

The PS 22 community (past and present)has been in our thoughts and prayers. Please post a note how your fans can send assistance to help in their recovery. Your chorus has provided us with a great deal of pleasure over the past few years. For me personally, it has given me a better appreciation of music.

God Bless

CF (Canadian friend)

Andre said...

I agree with CF. If there is any way I could help, I will. And seeing how many people spread the word on the social networks I can only guess how much we can all get done.

Greetings from Germany.

Anonymous said...

Sending thoughts and prayers. Hope you, your students and your school are ok.

Anonymous said...

i love this u guys did good
dorian 5@128

Anonymous said...

im soooo glad to see that daniel stopped by and i think the chorus and rebbeca did such a wonderful job. as for hurricane sandy, im glad the school is okay (i would know, my sister goes there) and i hope you guys are okay.
love ya, miss ya
kaitlynn f, former chorus-er