Saturday, June 11, 2011

David Cook performs with PS22 Chorus!

David Cook delivers big time on the invitation he made to the PS22 Chorus of 2011 last month to sing with him on his new single, "The Last Goodbye!" But the fun didn't stop there! An amazing Q&A session led to additional performances of "Rolling In The Deep" and "Livin' On A Prayer!" David was even good enough to work out an acoustic arrangement of "Light On," a song my parents requested and that he kindly dedicated to them in honor of their respective birthdays! This was truly one of the most musically satisfying (and otherwise) artist collaborations PS22 Chorus was ever privileged to be a part of! Check out all the mind-blowing evidence that proves the point below!

Big thanks to David, his guitarist Neal Tiemann, and Jamie for making this happen! Also thanks and props go to Mr. Eberle for some additional guitarwork and rock star Marquis on the skins! Additional thanks to Ms. Lisa for her amazing filming on this! Nobody could have captured this unplugged performance on one hand-held camera better! And lastly, thanks to Victor Breinberg and Ms. Laurie for the fantastic pics! Check out more below!


SarahBeth said...

This was fantastic, and I love the pics and videos!!

David is amazing, been a fan for a long time, it was a lot of fun to see him hanging out with your chorus! They're absolutely fabulous! :)

Thanks for sharing it with us!

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful videos and pictures .

You did an amazing job with the kids. You rock..David was awesome once again

ladynsearch said...

I loved this! Very warm and uplifting to see David and the kids performing and having such a great time. Beautiful voices all around! The photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
David is a great person, very caring and makes you feel good!
And you all have such a friendly atmosphere as well! said...

Christine4David on Twitter says: This made my heart joyful to see so much love and sharing of music ! These kids are GREAT ! I am a big fan of Mr. Cook's but now, also a fan of these precious children of God ! May they continue to touch souls with their music.

Suzanne said...

David Cook and the PS22 Chorus = INCREDIBLE. These kids are truly inspirational and really seemed to enjoy having David sing with them.

This is why activities such as music, art, band, and sports are so important and need to stay in schools. They help keep children focused and out of trouble and this is proof of that.

Thank you PS22 for performing with David Cook who is my favorite artist of all time. You guys ROCK!!!!

Lisa said...

Long-time David Cook fan here and this was just awesome! You guys rocked right along with him and I loved all the hand movements and everything.

Your joy in singing just pops right off the screen! Keep on singing and making people happy!

Wishing you love and peace,
Lisa in Maryland

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and videos. Denise and David sounded great together, and it was great to see the interaction between David and the kids.

Those kids are beyond talented and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Anonymous said...

I think that this was fabulous! The kids and David sounded wonderful together. These kids are so talented. I wonder if anybody told them that David is not only a musician but he also has a college degree in graphic arts. Thanks for sharing this. It was so fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure there has been a video or videos I have enjoyed as much as the PS22/David Cook collaboration. Impossible not to smile. So much talent and enthusiasm and just sheer love of music in one room. Thanks to all that brought us these pictures and videos. I think that 10 year old girl said it best 'I like you. You're down to earth. Your music speaks to people. It speaks to me'. Such wise, insightful words from one so young. She is completely on the mark about Mr. Cook.

Anonymous said...

I love David Cook always!!

Anonymous said...

This was pure joy to watch! The kids are amazing and David is just a natural with them. You guys seem to have really enjoyed his visit and performing with him! Best of luck to you all and many wishes of success for all the kids and their teacher. A true fan of music and David Cook.

Anonymous said...

Great collaboration!! I am in love with PS22Chorus. The girl singing Adele is so amazing. I also love the girl who sang LOAP. I am repeating the video over and over again to see each kid's interpretation of the song. I am a bigger fan of The Last Goodbye and David Cook because of you guys. Thank you very much Mr B for inspiring the youth.

Kinzie said...

My heart simply couldn't be happier. My favorite chorus, with pretty much my favorite musician/singer ever.

And then you break out in Adele?? That kid is genius. Give her an extra A+ for being brilliant.

Maybe it's just me... But I feel deep in my soul that once Mr. Cook's CD comes out, you miiiight just want to get him to come back again.

This is a completely unbiased idea... Maybe. Ok, no. It's pretty Biased. But man, His voice with that girl's in rolling in the deep? Amazing. Simply Amazing.