Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PS22 on FOX 5 in NY!

The PS22 Chorus was shown on Fox 5 News at 5 yesterday in their coverage of the Cross Cultural Youth Festival, and the video has now hit the internet, courtesy of Fox's website! (For our footage, visit this morning's post.)

Also, just got word that posted a write-up on yesterday's event with a great picture of the chorus! I was told that it is expected to be featured in either tomorrow's or next Thursday's edition of the Staten Island Advance. So be on the look out. But for now, you can check out the article (with a great pic too!) here.


Unknown said...

fantastic. you guys are amazing. it is so nice to look at the kids expressions. they feel the music and the lyrics so well and innocently. it seems that I (we) lost these feelings. it is probably the first chorus I've watched where it is so obvious that you all really enjoy what you are doing. thank you !

Emily K said...

That is so neat that they were featured on the news! I bet they feel like little stars!! You are doing a great job with them this year! :)