Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're Going To Be Friends!

From last week's rehearsal, here is the great song "We're Going To Be Friends" by The White Stripes. It was also recorded by Jack Johnson for the Curious George soundtrack, and a long-time request from the principal! Mr. Eberle picks up the bass guitar on this one, and makes the song sound even better!


Martin T said...

Mr. B.,

I love your kids and I've been following you guys for months. Great musical choices as always...and I'm eagerly awaiting your cover of "Empire State of Mind." Credit where credit's due: Jack Johnson covered this song, but the White Stripes wrote it.

It's been awesome to see this year's group improve week by week. Keep up your incredible work!

Mr. T.

Martin T said...

My bad, Mr. B., on YouTube, you give proper credit to the White Stripes. Sorry for doubting you.

Mr. B said...

No, I appreciate the correction. I made it on YouTube but forgot to make it on the blog. Thanks for keeping me honest! :)

Emily K said...

Yet another great song from your talented kids! Love seeing your videos Mr. B!!! Keep them coming! :) Good luck with your upcoming performances!

Emily K

Anonymous said...

From the Netherlands!

Love your songs, listen to them all the time. Can't wait to hear the next song!


Basti said...

This is absolutly amazing.
I've stumbled upon your site and I can't stop watching. I've linked you on my little Blog so even more people know about you

Greets from germany, cologne!!

Keep on!!!