Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halo 2

Here the PS22 Chorus of 2010 sings "Halo" by Beyonce with piano. (Check out the previously posted a capella version here) Brielle is astounding on this, and the chorus is really blending beautifully. You can hear the harmonies coming in much tighter(especially on the a capella part) now that we're a month in. The kids took it up a notch the day "Run This Town" was filmed.

At the end, there's a little montage of my screw-ups. (I was attempting to adjust to the new key after deciding to take it up a half step.) I'm sure we could get a better version, but this one makes me smile every time I watch. And the second half of the song is perfection.

And just in case you somehow missed the video of the kids singing this for Beyonce AND Lady Gaga, here ya go:

UPDATE: The video has earned itself some YouTube honors, including the #40 Top Rated Music video! Check 'em out below!


Unknown said...

Love that, love lady gaga, love Beyonce... It's just amazing!!

Unknown said...


Hi, Gregg, me again! (Brazilian fan):D

Amazing video! I've loved the last 40 seconds with all the screaming!
Do you have a video of Single Ladies's training?

Dany said...

Hello, Gregg and kids!!!

Wonderful, i loved this video!


Brazilian Fan 2 !!!

Dany / Rio de Janeiro♥