Sunday, October 04, 2009

11 Million!

Congrats to the PS22 Chorus of 2010 for bringing us up to 11,000,000 video hits on the internet!!


Unknown said...

Congratulations. That was fast! 8-O

Anonymous said...

hey mr.b !!!itz bahira ! whats up? congratulations!!!! they are so lucky i still wish i was in chorus !! do me a favor and tell the chorus of 2010 that they are so lucky and they should enjoy every moment of it because once its gone its gone. i feel sad we have to leave but i hope ur havin fun !!i love the shirts u picked out!!! nice choice of colors!!!


Mr. B said...

o bahira, thanks so much! trust me, you guys are irreplaceable. yeah it's time for the new kids' journey to begin, but remember, once our time together is gone, there's the internet to keep it alive!! :)

Anonymous said...

lol!!ur right