Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ithacappella & PS22 Chorus Reunite!

Yesterday, PS22 Chorus was treated to its annual visit from our "older brothers," Ithacappella! A musical explosion of epic proportion ensued, as both groups debuted and fused together our respective arrangements of "Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia!  Afterwards, the kids (featuring some amazing soloing by Matthew T. and Ithacappella's Peter) joined in on a spontaneous and unrehearsed version of Ithacappella's version of "Payphone" by Maroon 5!  Check out both amazing performances below!

UPDATE: Swedish House Mafia posted the "Don't You Worry Child" video on their Facebook page with some kind words including, "massively talented!" Indeed!! It's also been acknowledged by some big media, including VIBE Magazine's website, who named it "Video of The Day!" Congrats to the kiddos involved, young and old!

UPDATE (1-16-13): The love just keeps coming for this video! Below are only a handful of some amazing tweets from some prominent peeps, including Sebastian Ingrosso from Swedish House Mafia and John Martin!


Andre said...

What a great way to start into the year. I was already wondering if your next big project (which you didn't post about here, so I won't spoil the surprise to those who don't know) was keeping you too busy to record and post new videos, but obviously it didn't.

Oh, if I'm not very mistaken there's a new member on the Alto side. I hope they will all be able to attend the big project I'm not mentioning directly, as well as those who couldn't be in this video.

Anyway: Have a great 2013, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Mr. B,

This is always one of the highlights of your year. This does not disappoint. I have always wondered how you handled having a new 5th. grade chorus every year. These children express their emotions in the purest of forms.
You are the best of all educators.
Some of the members of Ithacapella have also graduated.

God bless,

Thanks for singing 'Silent Night" again.

Anonymous said...

They are AMAZINGLY talented and AWESOME singers