Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's Not Over

Love this song, this band, and this rendition... Here is "It's Not Over" by indie pop/rock act Dinner And A Suit performed by the kids of the PS22 Chorus, and it's definitely one of their best! Thanks to Aaron for lending a hand on the bongo, Matthew V. for the sweet soloing, and Ms. Lisa for filming a beautiful video to complement such a beautiful performance!

Thanks to Dinner And A Suit for tweeting and posting this video to their Facebook page with kind praise!


Andre said...

I wonder if you chose this song to send a message. Maybe that the school year is far from over?

Anyway, another awesome song from you all. And I was quite surprised by the solo (I didn't read the description before). And I like how one Inauguration hat is hidden in the video.

d.pavic said...

awesome, i really enjoyed your every performance... keep going...
if you claim wishes, it would be awesome to hear "beneath your beautiful" by labrinth ft emeli sande.
greets from croatia :)

teufelhunden said...

Love you!!! Heard a song and sure you must have heard it too - but just in case you didn't - it's called "San Francisco" by the Mowgli's - would be a perfect song for you all to sing - it's such a feel good song!!!!!!

from a fellow staten islander -