Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PS22 Chorus ROCKS The 2013 Presidential Inauguration!

On Monday, the PS22 Chorus had the distinct honor of opening the 2013 Presidential Inauguration at the Capitol Building in Washington DC following the invitation we received a few months back from Senator Chuck Schumer via Twitter!! Words cannot express how proud and honored we all felt to be part of such a prestigious ceremony, not only to witness but to actually take part in history being made.  the kids made the most of the opportunity, singing their hearts out like never before! Need proof? Check out 3 of the 4 songs the kids performed below, including "Home" by Phillip Phillips, "On Top Of The World" by Imagine Dragons (featuring awesome cameos from John Mayer & Katy Perry who stopped by to congratulate the kids), and a gorgeous version of "One Dream" by Sarah McLachlan!

The kids have continued to receive some amazing feedback from media sources and celebrities alike for their brilliant performance on Inauguration Day! Imagine Dragons posted on their Facebook page today that they "were honored by the rendition." Katy Perry's photo diary from her appearance at the ceremony, which was posted today on, included a pic of her with the PS22 Chorus with the caption, "Ran into my little Fireworks, the PS22 Chorus before the Inauguration." posted a wonderful review of PS22's performance of "One Dream," saying "now that the Inauguration is over, let's hope Americans keep listening to the voices of these wonderful schoolchildren and take the words they're singing to heart."

It was an exhausting but epic and thoroughly rewarding adventure, and we're so grateful to Ms. Lisa for capturing these performances which will forever be there to bring back these treasured memories. The Inaugural Committee has assured us that professional video and pics will be forthcoming, so we're going to hold out on posting the final PS22 performance of the morning, a mind-blowing and heart-rending version of "God Bless The USA" by Lee Greenwood melded with "America, The Beautiful", in hopes that we will be able to post it from the footage they send us. Definitely it is something to look forward to! In the meantime check out these AMAZING pics from the kids' and President Barack Obama's big day courtesy of Victor Breinberg, Bonnie Breinberg & Ms. Lisa, Mrs. Panzella, and Mr. Carollo! (For more pics and some clips of the kids on the news (CBS, NBC, PIX, etc.), check out our Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

that was great singing and when looking at the pictures the kids had fun. ps22 chorus rock and on top of the world and i have one dream to meet i wish to meet the ps22 chorus

p.s. im going to do a fan page for your chorus on facebook if that ok with you im going to my collage i made of your chorus

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys so much! I really love the passion and heart you put into every song. You rocked the house on inauguration day but, I didn't expect anything else from the PS22 chorus. Very cool!

Bob (from Oregon)

Andre said...

That's totally awesome. Again. From what I saw (unfortunately I couldn't watch live) you were perfect. I don't think anyone could have done better. And you created memories for a lifetime.

As the poster at the school said: Job well done.

Lola5@-128 said...

Awesome we had a blast of all the hard work we gave in to this and Mr.b out of them all he helped us make it up to this point thank you Mr.b your awesome for making us have an unforgettable moment in are lives were gonna look back and say its because of are teacher great and amazing teacher we got to this point had a blast an shared a moment with history an we totaly rocked super amazing

Anonymous said...

when is the cd coming out? you all were amazing and inspiring, I actually jotted down the info in hopes to find you on the internet. keep it up...your music is both magical and a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Good job you giys rock on