Friday, November 05, 2010

Livin' On A Prayer

Last year, I recorded Azaria singing this when she was only in 4th grade, and was so close to posting it over the summer, until I realized it was too good to debut without the PS22 Chorus of 2011 behind her! So when "Livin' On A Prayer" was specifically requested by the coordinators of an event where the kids will be performing next week, I figured that was my cue! And "WHOOAA!!" It's safe to say this year's chorus is definitely more than "half way there!" Congrats to Azaria, who outdoes herself on the very difficult solo, and SO proud of the new group for this tight, beautiful, and dare I say EPIC rendition of this classic by Bon Jovi!

Thanks to Ms. Lisa for the beautiful camera work!

UPDATE: More thanks, this time to our fantastic friend and supporter, Perez Hilton, for spotlighting the kids' new musical accomplishment!


LJ said...

Epic is right! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Jessica said...

WOW! That girl has a set of pipes.

PS: Mr. B, I thought your piano arrangement was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

There's a little girl in the second row on the soprano's side that looks a lot like Mariah from the chorus of 2008/2009. :O

Fabi said...

I really should do something useful...but I CAN'T STOP listening to this awesome song and you're to blame. :-D

Anja said...

WOW!! Azaria just sounds amazing!!!! Love it!