Thursday, November 11, 2010

PS22, Matisyahu & DP Dave Holmes at the 92nd Street Y

On March 16, 2010, the PS22 Chorus gave an epic performance of "On Nature" & "One Day" with the great Matisyahu at 92nd Street Y! (Click here to see the rehearsal versions with Matis inside the PS22 auditorium!) Needless to say, I had been dying to get ahold of this performance ever since, and was ecstatic to finally receive a copy from Matisyahu's manager when the kids performed with Matis last month at the ONEXONE Gala! Not only is it always a thrill to see and hear the kids professionally recorded, this particular performance featured the kids at their best with not only the genius of Matisyahu, but also accompanied by DP Dave Holmes of The Dub Trio on acoustic guitar! Playing with him and Matis was an inspiration, and I think we all enjoyed improvising our respective parts and bouncing off of each other's ideas.

We were actually only slated to do "One Day" for this performance, but we all recognized magic was happening on "On Nature" at the rehearsal earlier that day (footage previously posted). Matis was cool enough to insist on us doing that one as well! PS22 Chorus member Messale, who actually was a Matisyahu fan already, spontaneously stepped in to sing with Matis at the rehearsal, a bit unsure of the words, but sounding awesome! So on the bus ride to the event later that afternoon, I had him listening over and over to the first verse on my iPod, so he could have a moment with Matis. And what a moment it was!

Soloist Leah was at her best on "One Day," and she truly brought the house down!! Her voice never sounded better and the entire chorus was just spot on! I don't know if there's a song the PS22 Chorus enjoys singing more than this one, and I think that really comes across in this video. All in all, this was just one of those performances where everything came together perfectly, so deepest thanks to 92nd Street Y and of course to Matisyahu & his management for giving us permission to post these two videos!


Cecilie said...

Oh, yay, I've been hoping you would get a hold of this footage and post it! Awesome performance, definitely.

I miss these guys! And aw, Julian is so bouncy in these vids :D And both Massale and Leah do such great jobs, congrats (belatedly :p)!

Sami said...

this is so awesome ^_^
i'm ALMOST jealous.
But i'm even happier for these kids.
keep up the good work!
I hope one day i can come see them (and you) live in action. Until then, i'll keep myself glued to my chair while i smile from ear to ear listening to their beautiful voices.
Best wishes!

Carlos Klein said...

You rock so much! I cant stop smiling while wathcing each and every video of yours over and over.

Amazing kids, you look very happy doing what you are doing.

Love from Brazil