Sunday, November 07, 2010

PS22 Joins Judy Torres at 25th Annual Freestyle Concert at The Taj Mahal!

The kids of the PS22 Chorus were the surprise guests last night at Vito Bruno's 25th Anniversary of Freestyle Concert at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City tonight! The kids were specifically requested by Judy Torres to join her on stage for a ballad version of her freestyle hit, "No Reason To Cry." The version was inspired by the one we created with her back in 2003! The piano arrangement for this performance was based on that classic collaboration (completely honored!), and I fleshed out the vocal arrangement this time for the chorus to really showcase the incredible talent of both Judy and the kids! The performance was a definite showstopper!! In addition, the kids were able to watch the soundcheck of several of the other performers that evening, including George Lamond & K7/TKA! Major thanks to Judy for including us on her special night, and as you can tell from the kids' messages on the bus footage at the end of the vid, we ALL adore this woman to pieces!

Big thanks to Ms. Lisa for filming the performance, and Ms. Laurie for the pics on this post! Also thanks to Mr. Eberle for sharing in the festivities!

Judy Torres backstage with PS22

PS22 Chorus with K7/TKA
PS22 Chorus with George Lamond

PS22 Chorus & Ms. Kim with Jonathan Cheban from E Channel's Spin Crowd)

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