Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Billboard Recognition!

Awesome to discover that PS22 Chorus of 2010 is currently being featured on the home page of on as their featured viral video! Below is a screen cap of their home page, and a cap to the link to the vid and short article praising the kids' new version of "Lisztomania" by Phoenix!


Marina said...

hey guys! i'm here just to tell you how amazing you are! i'm from brazil, your music came to me and i'm showing everybody i can this amazing talent you have! congratulations, and looots os success! (sorry for my bad english :/)

Éveron de Almeida said...

Hi Mr. B, hi great children. I'm also from Brazil and would like to congratulate the great work. I am music educator, I'd like to show you Barbatuques, a band that uses body percussion that is wonderful and I think it will be fantastic to see these children singing and playing percussion with their bodies. Mr.B, search Barbatuques on youtube. Hugs!

Hélène Rossi said...

Hello kids!!
My Mexican friend told me about you. When I discover this cover I couldn't stop to listen it! ( you make me like this original one too. I knew it before but after your version I liked it better ;-) )
I sent it to all my friends to share this happiness with them.
Félicitations! !! You are amazing. Full of talent and positive vibes. It's a real pleasure to see and listen you!
M. B You are great.
Keep singing!!!!!