Saturday, August 29, 2009

Plain White COOL!!!

Cool to see that Mike Retondo, Plain White T's bass player, linked to the PS22 Chorus on his blog! (The Plain White T's are best known for the classic track, "Hey There, Delilah.") He posted our version of the Bjork song, "Joga," and labeled it, "AWESOME!" Thanks for spreading the word, Mike!!


Julio said...

You sure know how to work with those kids. You've certainly got quite a gift!

"Wild, man!" - You, at the end of "Eye of the Tiger"

Anonymous said...

Words can not express the joy Mr. B and his students have brought to all who have been lucky enough to find PS22 videos. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Jennifer said...

Hi there. What an amazing talent you have, and your group has. I am an Elementary Choir Director (and general music teacher)and I was wondering if you would ever share any choral arrangements you have. I would love to get the choral music for a few of the songs you have done. Any chance?