Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back To School Bash in Central Park!

Yesterday the PS22 Chorus of 2009 regrouped for an eagerly anticipated appearance at The Bandstand in Central Park at the NYC Dept. Of Ed's Back To School Bash! The kids sang 4 songs, including one they just learned that morning! That song is "The World" by Empire Of The Sun, and Elijah, Allie, and April helped out big time! Here is some footage of the kids practicing it below.

In addition to the new song, the kids also performed two of their most celebrated renditions -- "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay and "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga! April sounded as lovely as ever, and Tirzah rocked the mike! Chorus member Mary even filled in for Mariah and did a great job on the rap!

We also snuck in an acoustic guitar version of "An Angel" by the Kelly Family as an encore, and Allie and the chorus did their usual exquisite job!

Of course no PS22 Chorus trip is complete without some behind the scenes moments with our local celebs. Here they take a moment to alternately thank AND threaten to sue their fans! Good stuff.

Below you can check out more pics from the event.


Suz said...

OMG!!! that bus footage was by far the funniest yet! and allie-- she was a soprano and an alto today?!?!?

phyllis said...

Sooo exciting! Happy, happy, fun, fun!!!!
Mary you did great!!! are a such an inspiration for other kids (especially shy ones like me!)
Lady from Ky. loves you all :)

phyllis said...

P.S. (get it?)
The drums cool what you did, using them for accompaniment :)

Karen Dawson said...

I love the bus video-it reminds me that kids are just kids and are the same whether they are in NY or in Falmouth,MA. They so remind me of my 4th grade students here on the Cape! You can really tell that you "get" the kids-keep it up. Happy back to school.