Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Alexa Chung Joins The PS22 Chorus!?

Well, not quite! But the PS22 Chorus of 2009 did have a very special reunion on Monday, making their second appearance on MTV on It's On With Alexa Chung! (They were featured on MTV News just 2 weeks before!) The kids did a brilliant job on "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga, and you can check out their spectacular performance below! The video is even featured on the MTV Buzzworthy Blog!

UPDATE: The above video doesn't seem to be working for everyone on the blog. If you can't see it here, you should be able to see it by clicking on the MTV Buzzworthy Blog link.

In addition to what you see here, they also aired footage from our friends, Passion Pit! Apparently when the band was on Alexa's show last Thursday, they taped a special message for the chorus, which was shown live on Monday's broadcast! The message began with the entire group shouting out, "Congratulations!" Drummer Nate Donmoyer then continued, "You're in the best children's choir in the world. And if you ever get stuffed into a locker [in middle school], just call us and we'll take care of it." Good to know the chorus has such an awesome support system! Safe to say that after the performance the kids gave that afternoon, the group earned the support of the entire studio audience as well!

Throughout all these amazing successes the chorus has had, the kids have remained grounded and humble. I've always felt the force behind their music and success is an incredible depth of spirit and personality. They are truly an incredible bunch, as evident in this behind-the-scenes video! And hey, check out Alexa Chung on those keys!

UPDATE (8-6-09)Today our behind-the-scenes at the Alexa Chung show vid has earned 11 YouTube honors, including the #15 most watched music video today!! Check 'em out below!

Aside from showing the versatility of talents behind Alexa Chung, the video relays perfectly the personality behind the PS22 Chorus. (I've watched it more than the actual performance!) Watching it, I feel so lucky to work with these fantastic little people. And boy did they do PS22 proud on Monday! Pepsi showed the MTV audience how to seriously get down!

Tirzah did an absolutely brilliant job on the lead vocals of "Just Dance," and looked and sounded like the bonafide celeb she and the group are fast becoming! Mariah spoke beautifully and lit up the stage with her presence and sweetness!

The one tragic mishap of the day was that I completely forgot to play the bridge of the song that leads into Mariah's rap. I didn't even realize it until the kids told me backstage. Mariah handled it like a pro, and she was consoling me, as it seems I was the one who was devastated about her not doing her part. How about these kids, eh? They really have it together. The only one who doesn't apparently is their director....

On a happier note, the chorus got to see Marlon Wayans in transit from the stage back to the green room after the performance. He waved and gave a big thumbs up for a job well done! So cool!! And the icing on the cake for the kids was when they got to meet the very sweet Disney Channel darling, Selena Gomez, star of Another Cinderella Story! She gave lots of hugs and took the time to pose for some pics with the kids!

All in all, it was an amazing day! Thanks to Alexa Chung and the producers at MTV for having us on the show, and for giving the PS22 Chorus the opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind family reunion! Lots of gratitude as well go to Ms. Lisa for filming, and Mrs. Johnson & my pops for the amazing pics you see here!

Oh yeah, and we all agreed Alexa Chung has a cool accent and is mighty pretty!!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Awww shucks, the first video is not available... I did enjoy hearing the kids talking on the bus tho... Glad they are having fun doing these spots during the summer...

Mr. B said...

Thanks Chrissy! That's odd... The top video is working for me?

Unknown said...

Mr. B,
I have been following your blog since June of this year and want to congratulate you on all you do for the students in your chorus. I, too, am a teacher in one of the non-core classes (Family & Consumer Sciences) and see how beneficial these classes are to MANY MANY students! It is the only place where so many of them shine and is absolutely the boost they need to know they are valuable, worthy citizens of our world.
Keep it up Mr. B! You are my hero!!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

the commercials play then the video says ' no longer available'....(not the interview one) maybe some glitch of sorts.

virginia bed and breakfast said...

Very nicest video, I like it especially kid's training singing the song I really enjoy.

Thank you,


Deana Holness said...

Tirzah Rocks! They all do, but yeah Tirzah Rocks lol

I know you are getting ready for a new class to come in and take over, but really its just not going to be the same as these kids. The chemistry, the love they share for you and each other just can not be matched. It really shows in their perfomance.

I am really enjoying these summer time updates and I would hope that maybe once in a while you could all get together and do something again.

2stevejc said...

1st vid is available in the US only. Any chance you could load it to Youtube?.


Mr. B said...

unfortunately i don't have permission to upload MTV's official footage onto youtube. :(

rylovesmusic said...

Just soo amazing,
You kids have such talent, I thoroughly enjoy listening to you and watching you.You all are beautiful,Very Talented, amazing and just neaver Cease to amaze me.Keep up the hard work and go after your dreams.To you Mr.B good work, these kidsare the way they are because of you and your way you teach and your persistant's..persistantsy is pretty key in most areas of life.Well Great job to Teacher and Student's.Keep up the hard work and practice, shoot for your dreams and never give up and trust me with doing all those things, you are gona go far and do great in life.And also have fun.
Your biggest fan
Ry Wilkie