Friday, August 28, 2009

The Chorus On National Public Radio!

The kids will be featured on National Public Radio (93.9 FM in NY) at about 5:00 PM (EST) today!! No matter where you reside, you can listen to the live online stream here. There's also a very nice write-up by Margo Adler here.

UPDATE: Here is the NPR feature on the chorus. Enjoy!

UPDATE 2: The PS22 Chorus story is the second most viewed article on the NPR website! Check out screencaps below of NPR's homepage and the article that accompanied the broadcast.


Suz said...

that was a fun interview-- love hearing the drum line in the back ;)

I LOVE the "I'm doing my best you have to do your part"-- i use that ALL the time!

Mr. B said...

probably universal teacher talk! :)