Saturday, July 11, 2009


I've been delving through all the old videos, trying to update quality where necessary. But sometimes you come upon a few brand new treasures you may have missed the first time around. Check out some PS22 Chorus beginnings!

Some auditions from your favorite chorus members! So little!

The PS22 Chorus 4th Grade Chorus of 2008! Recognize 'em?

The very first PS22 Chorus (2000-2001) "We Will Rock You" by QUEEN!
(And check out 10 year old Christopher on the keys! Prodigy alert!)

UPDATE 9/2/09: Another video from the PS22 Chorus old-timers, here is "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco. Both this and the above video were used for our award-winning "Rock" musical in 2001.

So here's to some more new beginnings!


The Seeker said...

Love the videos as always Mr. B.

Have you ever done some songs by Imogen Heap, or considered them?

Suz said...

they all look so young!
don't ya wish you could rip loudspeakers out of the walls! I was SO happy when we all got phones in our classrooms.... with ringers you could silence!

Angela said...

these are great! love seeing the first one with just individual voices, such talent! i second you on hating intercoms that interrupt the goodness that is happening in class. finally, we will rock you...does just that. (oh i like the longer hair!)

Kalei's Best Friend said...

What a difference a year makes!.. They have grown- physically as well as their voices!... wow, glorious

niaa said...

Oh my how they've grown. Do you have anymore of their auditions? It's amazing how good they were back then and where they went in just a year =)
I am missing the chorus of 09 already even though you keep posting new performances all the time :( But part of me also can't wait to see what amazing kids are going make it big in the new chorus!

ps: the we will rock you performance ROCKS!

Mr. B said...

i'll look to see if i can find you any more auditions. can't promise, but i will try!

and yeah, the new group waiting in the wings are definitely not going to disappoint. :)

Ricardo David Hoyos M said...

The world need have a C.D. of PS22, I loved your music version´s and really PS22 Is rules !!. I´m so far..... far away ..... I´m Colombian but I feel always better when I ear your´s versions songs. I have 2 childs and your music remember always my beatifull childs, bless god for PS22 FOR EVER AND EVER!!