Friday, July 03, 2009

New York Magazine

Last month we got a visit from Jason Gay, reporter from New York Magazine, who wanted to do a story on the success of the PS22 Chorus. The article is now up online and should be featured in Monday's new hard copy on the stands! But you can read it now by clicking here, to go to New York Magazine's website. Already, the story is the #3 most viewed, and #4 most e-mailed article on!

Our friend, Perez Hilton, even picked up on it, and posted about the feature on his blog today. VERY cool!

UPDATE (7/9/09): New York Magazine is also featuring this alternate performance of "Forever Young" by Alphaville on their YouTube channel.


Suz said...

Perez catches EVERYTHING!!!

Mr. B said...

yeah, he's been a great friend to us, obviously. :)