Monday, July 13, 2009

ANOTHER New Electric Company Vid! (UPDATED!)

Sound Carnival "Short U"

UPDATE 7:42PM: Electric Company has JUST premiered ANOTHER new video starring the PS22 Chorus kids of 2008! That's the one you see above (just replaced as it was posted a few hours ago) -- the rest that have been previously posted on Electric Company's YouTube channel are below. (The other new video (short I) which was replaced has moved down to the middle of the post, just below SILENT E!)

Silent E!

Sound Carnival -- "Short I"

Sound Carnival -- "OU"

Sound Carnival -- "S"


Suz said...

I saw that and that was your kids! (but then the other site went down so I didn't say anything)

and now apparently my nightmare has come true... I see you have a new message when posting comments! FUNNY! ;)

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Thanks for posting these short videos.. I've never seen these before.. The kids looked like they had fun doing this...LOL, I haven't seen the Electric Co. since my 3 were small- and that's many moons ago!.

Suz said...

I will never understand how you can keep up with all of these~~ I hope the kids from last year get on here and see it!