Sunday, May 03, 2009

This Remix Will Have You REELING!

JUST FOUND: This awesome remix of "The Reeling" -- one of the tracks the PS22 Chorus contributed background vocals to on the upcoming Passion Pit release, MANNERS -- just surfaced on the net! Props to Calvin Harris for a job well done! My favorite part? 3:42 - 4:13. You'll know why when you hear.... ;)


Anonymous said...

Mr. B:

This is for you. Your enthusiasm and care for these angels is so greatly appreciated. You are doing so much for so many people out there.

Thank you.

Mr. B said...

thank YOU! :)

Anonymous said...

i can see why that minute was yr fave part it was mine to

Mr. B said...

great minds think alike, allie! congrats on friday! you were brilliant. i'm just about to post the footage in a few minutes.... :)