Saturday, May 23, 2009

Singing With Passion.........Pit.

Lately, Passion Pit has been showing up a lot on the blog! That's because we are very excited about the brilliant response the group's debut album, Manners, has been getting from both critics and fans alike! In February, Fader Magazine posted a video of our time in the studio recording supporting vocals for the album. We loved Fader's footage, and now we present ours, courtesy of Miss Lisa. This really gives insight into what a really amazing person lead singer and songwriter Michael Angelakos is. Below is the video footage. For pictures and a thorough write-up of the day click here.

Clip 1 of 7:

1) The kids meet Michael Angelakos who notes the Passion Pit/PS22 Chorus combo is "a perfect pairing"
2) Michael gives us direction
3) Giuseppe gets fired....
4) The chorus make donations to Passion Pit..... while recording.
5) The kids let their love grow tall.
6) Screamfest on The Reeling!

Clip 2 of 7:

Michael Angelakos cheers up Eric. What a cool guy! Mike definitely has an alternate career to fall back on..... not that it's looking like he'll need one any time soon!

Clip 3 of 7:

1) The kids are at first a little taken aback by my passing the reigns to Michael for this song. I found that kind of sweet actually..... They got over it quick, once they realized they were in excellent hands!

2) Vocal calisthenics with Michael Angelakos!

3) A million degrees in the studio, and the kids are THIRSTY!

4) Mr. B gets a brilliant idea.....

5) Mrs. Johnson gums up the works.

Clip 4 of 7:

Are YOU smarter than a fifth grader? Elijah astounds both Michael AND his music teacher with his highly impressive movie trivia skillz. Another example of just how cultured the kids in the PS22 Chorus really are! :)

Clip 5 of 7:

1) An awesome thank you to the chorus from Michael Angelakos for their help in making his vision complete. It was a really special moment.

2) The studio is a bit... ripe....

3) Michael hangs with the kids, who learn he's most definitely NOT from Smelly-ville NJ. Although they may have wanted to consider giving that name to Gigantic Sudios after we left......

Clip 6 of 7:

1) A little bit of an acoustic version of "Little Secrets"

2) Goodbyes....

Clip 7 of 7:

Michael Angelakos and the chorus do a spontaneous acoustic version of their breakout hit, "Sleepyhead" just for fun!


Anonymous said...

hi mr.b guess who dis is here are 3 clues a soprano

2.i sit next 2 lobna a girl

who am i

Mr. B said...

maimouna. what do i win? :)

Anonymous said...


Mr. B said...

wazzuh??? ;)

Anonymous said...

what on earth is wazzuh?????

josh d

Mr. B said...

that's "what's up" in B-speak! good to see you on the site, josh! you guys did a great job today. i'm just about to post flavor.... :)

Byline said...

I always wondered who those kids on Manners were!!! The videos were great to watch.

I'm also an elementary teacher and seeing this has inspired me to get my kids moving on some more artistic projects. Thanks!

Taylor McCune

sarayyah said...

hii mr b... i really doubt u remember me but my name is sarayyah and i was a soprano in ur chorus about 8 years ago in 2001. yes it was a while ago. i was just sitting here with my cousin Faraz Caliph and he was telling me about ur chorus and how many ppl you performed for. he showed me this website. omg i am so impressed. you have done such a great job with these kids, i see ur videos on youtube and they just get better and better. i just wanna congratulate u on such a spectacular job. i wish u the best of luck in the future

Mr. B said...

hi sarayyah!! i remember you absolutely!! can't believe how time flies and how long it's been!! thanks for connecting, and for the congrats on my work with the chorus! just remember, your group helped get the ball rolling for us big time. so our success is your success!! MISS YOU!!!


Elektra said...

Thanks for posting these videos, it was fantastic to see what it was like creating music with Passion Pit and the PS22 chorus!! I'm a college student learning how to be a music teacher, and its really inspiring to see how much fun you guys have! Thanks!

Shirley Chan said...

Golly, Passion Pit is played at school all the time, and I consider myself a fan and I have lots of friends that are fans as well, but in all my times of listening to songs like "The Reeling" or "Little Secrets" I never knew that PS22 was a part of making it! I went back and listened to the songs that PS22 is featured on in "Manners" and I was sure to listen a little harder this time to hear the kids.
That is really just so cool.
I found out about you guys today when one of my friends showed me and another friend of mine PS22's cover of Pheonix and we were really blown away.
I think it's really neat the wide variety of music that you guys sing especially artists like Passion Pit, Phoenix, Nick Drake, Cat Stevens.

Mike Kumar said...

Mr. B, this is Mike Kumar. I graduated years ago, the older brother of Matt and Mark.

Regardless, I'm so jealous that you guys got to work with Passion Pit considering they're one of my favorite bands right now. To learn that you guys were involved is unbelievable. It makes the album that much better. Haha.