Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Check out this amazing acoustic performance of Cooper Boone's "One Song", which the chorus performed with Coop at The DKMS Gala last Thursday! (Make sure you watch the video of that performance, as you'll see the kids hangin' with megasuperstar Rihanna.) The performance here was spontaneously recorded in one take, and I, for one, think this version is even better! Compare and contrast below!

Cooper Boone is coming out with a new album coming soon, and we wish him all the success in the world! He certainly deserves it....

Below are some more pics from our afternoon with Cooper


Suz said...

These kids really need to stop having so much fun! What great experiences! Rock on!

Mr. B said...

Ha! Hold your tongue! ;) The more fun the better! Thanks Suz! :)